May 24, 2012

How to Sharpen Your Intuition. ~ Chandresh Bhardwaj

Do you ever get a “hunch” about something that later actually happens in reality?

As fictional as it sounds, such experiences happen to most of us.

Right thinking at the right moment is popularly known as intuition. The word intuition contains the word ‘tuition’ which means learning and knowledge. When we seek tuition from our inner self, it becomes intuition.

Intuition is not some sort of super power that only some special people can attain. It’s a gift bestowed to all of us irrespective of our religion, caste, creed, color or beliefs. Some people may have it to a large extent while others to a lesser degree.

Intuition is by far the most important guiding tool that we have in life.

Intuition is an inborn gift that very few of us ever utilize to its full potential because various layers of anger, sadness and stress cover and dilute it. Still, intuition maintains a strong presence in our consciousness.

Once activated, intuition can guide us in personal, professional and spiritual matters. Intuition is the most trusted Guru we can seek! All we need to do is clear the bridge between our consciousness and our inner light.

Connecting with our intuition requires a bit of discipline, dedication and surrender to the divine, but eventually we receive what we ask for.

Below are some pointers that we can quickly apply to nurture the guru within: intuition.

1. Be yourself: This step is probably the easiest thing in the world to do! We needn’t do anything.

We spend so much time and money on being a scholar—by working toward an MBA, PhD or attaining any label of knowledge in some field. But being a scholar is far tougher than just being ourselves.

Intuition is a separate phenomenon from being a formally educated person. To be a scholar, we must go through many man-made codes of conduct. This path includes many formalities that eventually distance us away from our individuality.

To be ourselves, we must do undo the programming done to our consciousness. As the legend Mark Twain said, “[d]on’t let schooling interfere with your education.”

2. Art of Witness: Practice the art of witness in daily life.

Witness every moment just the way it’s happening. The more we observe without judgment the more empty space we will create in ourselves. The voice from the empty space is our intuition.

When you’re watching trees, simply watch them for their natural beauty. In fact, a good exercise is to stand next to a tree with an open heart and ask the tree to bless you with its loving energy. It works beautifully!

3. Art of listening: How many business schools today teach “listening” classes?

There are many classes for speaking skills but aren’t many that teach the skill of listening. We waste much of our energy speaking things that have no relevance today or in the future.

Only when we develop the art of listening patiently to friends and family can we listen to the voice within ourselves.

Find the courage to listen unconditionally to your loved ones and the universe; only then you will finally hear the voice from within.

4. Emotional wellness: We must take care to know that our intuition is coming from our consciousness and is not a reaction to anger, sadness or other such emotional outbursts.

When we judge from too much anger or love, decisions tend to be biased toward our emotions. A jealous spouse may slap his or her partner out of imaginary suspicion, all the while labeling it intuition.

In such cases, intuition is not guiding the emotions. Instead, emotions are misconstruing intuition.

4. Be open to the universe: At every moment, the universe tries to converse with us.

More often than not, we either take the universe for granted or simply ignore its messages.

A rock climber spent hours meditating daily to develop his intuition. Once, as he was coming down from a giant rock, he realized that the rope had been cut down leaving no safe way to come down.

After panicking for a few minutes, he decided to tap into his intuitive power and ask for the right guidance. The answer came: “Jump!” He obviously thought this answer could not be the right one. He repeated the question a few times but the answer remained same: “Jump!” He decided not to jump and remain hanging from the rope.

The next morning, there was an article in the morning newspaper that a rock climber died hanging on to a rope because of freezing temperatures overnight. The newspaper noted that the situation was tragic because the climber was only 10 feet above the ground.

Nothing more remains to be said on this point.

5. Meditation: The biggest tool to activate our intuition is daily meditation.

The above points get their ignition from a daily dedicated meditation routine. When we meditate, we easily connect ourselves with the higher consciousness. This connection helps to build the energy needed to awaken the gift of intuition.

Once we open our intuitive space, we don’t need to go anywhere else for answers. All the mysteries of the universe will reveal themselves to us on their own.

The next challenge is to know if your intuition is increasing.

Below are some useful pointers to track our progress as we strengthen our intuition:

1. Record all of your observations on a daily basis: Every few days, check the previous records to see whether they are coming true. In the long term, journalling will help to see if an intuition was real or just an emotional reaction.

2. Refrain from immediately acting on hunches: Instead, give them some space—maybe a few hours—and try to respond from an empty mind. After a few months, this may no longer be necessary, but it is important to practice waiting in the beginning.

3. When you come across a negative intuition about someone, send healing and positive energy to the affected person: Likewise, in positive situations, send energy to multiply the positive effect. Such practices will build your inner strength to act upon intuition.


As Founder of the self-discovery center Break The Norms, Chandresh is one of the youngest inspirational New Age teachers of our time. Pursuing initiatives as a life coach, spiritual healer, and friend, his work emphasizes techniques in Eastern Science Healing and Transformation. Sought from people all over the world, his guidance allows for a uncorrupted and honest approach towards spirituality. Primarily, Chandresh conducts programs at Break the Norms to transcend the mind, body, and soul in heightened awareness, serving clients in the USA, India, England and Canada. He also acts as a teacher and mentor in the Chamunda Swami Center of Healing and as the Founder of Spiritual Vidya. As a published writer, Chandresh provokes the spiritual dialogue in themes such as meditation, repressed emotions, power thoughts and tantra. Presently, he contributes to Tathaastu, Natural Awakening, Intent Voice, Hug Yoga, and Elephant Journal. Moreover, Chandresh is a featured guest on Karma Manta’s Spiritual Labs video series on self-growth and wellness.  To read more on Chandresh, visit www.BreakTheNorms.com

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