May 21, 2012

I’m Not a Psychic, I’m Intuitive.

I think most of us remember Dionne Warwick and her psychic hotline charging $4.99 a minute.

As a fledgling reader I worked for her at $.30 a minute. I was expected to engage people on the telephone for as long as they were willing, even if they were dirt poor or stuporous drunk when calling. Having a degree of conscience, I responded to one woman’s question regarding her abysmal state of finances. “I know what you can do to make more money,” I said. She eagerly asked me how. I said, “Hang up immediately.” This was a short-lived gig.

Many so-called psychics whom I have met don’t seem to be all that interested in helping you bring about a change in your perspective. I visited a lot of psychics in the 70s who were always telling me I was going to meet the man of my dreams and in fact, gave me the dates this would happen; I postponed a lot of my life waiting.

I was also told many times that an unfortunate relative who had passed on was eager to contact me.

I don’t know why they always saw dead relatives lurking on my right shoulder, but I admit I did try to tune into that shoulder. Being told they were doing quite nicely in their new incarnation was not consoling since I wondered why they were still hanging around me as opposed to “going into the light.”

Other interesting information came from hearing that illustrious figures such as Buddha, Jesus and the ever-popular St. Germaine were also in attendance, presumably this time on my left shoulder.

Nervously hoping that nobody else wanted to show up since I had run out of shoulders, there was always the mysterious Chinese or Tibetan Healer who had nothing better to do than be my personal physician. Being a hypochondriac in perpetuity, I fell for that one. Strangely, when I later tried to contact this “over the seas” healer on my own, I found him to be remarkably inaccessible.

Okay, now time to ‘fess up to what I do as an intuitive that’s really great.

Most people who come to see me live in a very small box inhabited by fear, guilt and blame. By embracing those qualities, they have actually disconnected from their true selves.

The ace in my hand is that your perspective does not limit me and I don’t share your small box. In fact, my insight, otherwise known as intuition, sees you fine with all of your aspects, even those which you might consider unfavorable.

When I convey to you my “sight” through a prism of nonjudgmental and loving kindness, you can choose whether or not to let go of your perspective, which includes releasing fear, guilt and blame. You can become reconnected with your original true self with the consequent feeling of empowerment. From here, you are able to make choices from a place of alignment with that “self.”

That’s what true happiness is, and not whether you will eventually meet the man/woman of your dreams, buy the condo of your choice or even have the wealth you desire, but the reconnection you feel, free of guilt, fear, blame or any other chaotic/destructive emotion that covers your beauty.

Free at last, free at last, thank God we’re free at last!


Editor: Thaddeus Haas

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