10 Dos & Donts of Arriving to a Yoga Class Early.

Via Sarah Ezrin
on Jun 12, 2012
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Like a good yogi, you have arrived to class fifteen minutes early…now what?

Here are 10 things you should do and definitely should not do to pass that precious time

1. Do place your mat down where you would like to practice.
2. Don’t place your mat directly next to the only other person in the entire asana room.

3. Do take in an extra few minutes of a simple hip opener or gentle stretch.
4. Don’t practice the Seven Headstand Series of Ashtanga or try to squeeze in every inversion possible in a 10 minute time frame

5. Do read a book or the current issue of L.A. Yoga magazine.
6. Don’t read your text messages or emails (especially aloud).

7. Do get to know your neighbor if they are receptive
8. Don’t interrupt your neighbor’s meditation in order to vent about what a nightmare parking was or how much you hate your boss.

9. Do sip from your bottle of water (BPA-free, of course).
10. Don’t– Bring the entire Starbucks drink menu


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About Sarah Ezrin

Sarah Ezrin, E-RYT-500, is an energetic and humorous yoga teacher based in Los Angeles. With a profound love of travel, Sarah runs around the globe leading teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats. She is a writer and regular contributor for many publications. A background in psychology and life coaching infuse her classes, which are dynamic and alignment-based. For Sarah, yoga is beyond the postures; it is about connecting to one’s brightest and most authentic Self. Life should be spent laughing with those we love and doing the things we most enjoy, like yoga! For more information on Sarah please visit her website or connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


11 Responses to “10 Dos & Donts of Arriving to a Yoga Class Early.”

  1. Anne says:

    I once had a student clip her toenails on her mat before class and put the clippings in a pile. That was a don't and a WTF moment.

  2. I'm confused? says:

    I only recently started attending classes after about 6 months of home practice, so I'm definitely interested in certain "etiquettes" of the experience… but how does it affect you what kind of water bottle someone drinks from, besides maybe if it's loud? And why shouldn't someone do inversions if that's what they want to do?

  3. John says:

    "Why shouldn't someone do inversions if that's what they want to do?"

    Because the only reason to practice difficult poses is a desire to show off and compete with others. You've clearly not spent much time in yoga world yet.

    When going to a class with a teacher I don't know I've taken to practicing my one hand handstand before class. It needs as much practice as it can get, and it's a great way to separate the teachers who're going to feel threatened by a strong practice and compensate by pretending physical weakness is more spiritual from the ones who're not afraid to teach an asana class. A teacher who comes over and gives me tips on improving my line (and it's not hard to see things I could improve) is going to teach a good class. One who loudly comments on showing off is going to turn out to be incompetent when it comes to teaching Asana.

  4. Sarah Ezrin says:

    This article is meant to be more tongue-in-cheek than anything! Of course it doesn't matter what type of water bottle you bring 🙂 as for the inversions it depends how the student is practicing. But if someone is trying to do every single inversion possible in a short time frame, not yet warmed up, it can be injurious. Again though- this was meant to be light hearted. Yogis have senses of humor too 😉 Welcome to yoga!!!!!!!! :)))))))))

  5. I'm confused? says:

    Managing to still be confused… are you being sarcastic that that's the only reason? Seems to be the case since in fact you're eager to "test" your teachers and see if they're going to actually try to help your practice. If someone, teacher or not, made some loud comment about showing off, I would probably up and leave, knowing that I could get a better practice by myself as I have done at home. That's a real shame if anyone actually has that attitude, in my opinion. We're all working on improving, no matter what level we're at.

  6. I'm confused? says:

    thanks for the comment and clarity. some things are lost over the internet. I guess for me personally I'd rather take an all-welcoming approach than potentially make newer yogis feel out of place or like they've done something wrong. but to each his own! plus there are some real etiquettes I'm curious about but weren't addressed, like if it's impolite to do your own variations/modifications when the teacher hasn't suggested them, or how much or little one should talk before/after class without being disruptive… seems like that would be a little more informative and less alienating, especially for a community with such great potential to unite yogis all over the world. no hate! just my thoughts. 🙂

  7. I want to print this and post it on the studio wall – thank you!

  8. Allison says:

    Wow, yogis keep getting more and more petty.

    I doesn't matter what kind of water bottle you have or what poses you practice as long as you are aware of the room, who is in it and if your actions will be intrusive or rude.

    And now it's not ok for me to put my mat near the other person that arrived early??? Please tell me you don't really believe that! What if the two people arriving early always practice in those spots?

    As far as yogi's having a sense of humor…I'm beginning to wonder. This article and the comments certainly don't indicate that. Nice job telling yogi's coming from home practice that schoolyard bullying is alive and well in some yoga studios!

  9. Miss Curto says:

    Stanton is truly a future triple crown winner and hall of famer. But what about KING LEBRON JAMES ?Just ask the Celtics how amazing King James is. In fact, King James will score 50 points tonight, though Auggie says the league will make sure it will be a close game with King James hitting a 3 with 1 second on clock !

  10. YogaBaby says:

    I agree that there shouldn't be any petty-ness in Yoga, but I have to say I wouldn't be particularly happy if I arrived at my Yoga studio early (and I knew that the class wasn't a jam packed one) and the next person who arrived put their mat right up next to mine. If you like being right up next to people when they practice then you should have some consideration for the fact that other people may not like that. I tend to migrate to a corner but I have had people come right up next to me and I am really uncomfortable with people being up that close to me. And as for the fact that you may always like a particular spot, that seems like a high level of attachment to something that doesn't even matter.

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