June 21, 2012

Four Pillars of a Mindful Money Practice. ~ Joetta Marie Johnson


The Four C’s.

A solid spiritual practice requires you to face your shadow, move through obstacles, witness your habits, and take responsibility for your self.

It also invites you to grow your experience of what is possible, joyfully participate with what the universe is offering you, and find a way to trust that all is unfolding perfectly. Cultivating a mindful money practice has certainly delivered these, (and more) experiences to my life, and the process has been as rigorous, rich, and rewarding as spending years with any guruin India.

In my practice of over 15 years of financial coaching, as well as in my own personal financial work, I have observed four key principles that, when adopted, enrich people’s relationship with money so they can build a wealthy life of freedom, passion and purpose.

The Four Pillars of a Mindful Money Practice

1. Clarity.

Working with the flow of money in your life requires you to be clear about your values and priorities. When you know exactly where your money is going, you see how your spending choices reveal what you are affirming in your life. Planning your intentions for future spending, earning, saving and investing creates a sense of purpose, and is a concrete way to live in alignment with your heart’s unique desires.

2. Commitment.

For real transformation to take place in any area of life, you must show up fully, and be willing to do whatever it takes to shift something that is not working. When you make the bold choice to start a purpose-based business, stop a destructive habit, or stand up for your self-worth with all your heart, the universe takes notice. Not only do you get to experience the strength of your own conviction, you get to taste the fruits of your steady effort as they appear, which only strengthens your desire to show up, again and again.

3. Consistency.

You would never expect to see lasting results from attending a weekend meditation retreat, and then never practicing again. The meditative treasures are mined by showing up and staying present through whatever discomfort arises. The same is true for your financial practice. You can’t go over your finances once at the beginning of the year and then avoid looking at your credit card balance or savings account statement until the end of the year, and expect that you will be any better off. Consistently showing up for your financial well-being, whether you are feeling optimistic, bored or even terrified will keep you from avoiding uncomfortable emotions, and teach you to find equanimity despite the ups and downs that inevitably occur in life.

4. Courage.

Anyone who has left or been let go from a job, started a business, wondered how they would pay off a daunting debt, or dealt with sudden financial changes knows that in order to get through that time and move forward without falling apart, you must find a place within yourself that can trust that all is well, and your needs will be met. I’ve witnessed people leave jobs they hate and go on to make a successful living by offering a unique service or talent to their community. I’ve seen single mothers vow that they are done worrying about money and will create financial security for their families, and then actualize that declaration by increasing their income and refining their savings practices. Now that is living from the heart.

Of course, none of this needs to take place in isolation.

All of the great spiritual paths give us tools, teachers and community so we can progress on our journey while benefitting from the gifts and talents of others. If you are struggling, or simply want to grow your money mastery, reach out for the support that will empower you to live with freedom, passion and purpose!


Joetta Marie Johnson is the Priestess of Finance. Her work in the world is empowering people to overcome obstacles to prosperity, so they can increase their inner and outer resources to fulfill their needs and realize their dreams. She has worked as an auditor, accountant, financial analyst and controller which gave her real world experience with finance. She offers individualized coaching packages in person in Boulder, Co, or via Skype and telephone. In addition, she also offers transformational group financial programs via webinars and tele-seminars, as well as many other projects designed to help you attain money mastery. Visit Joetta at  www.priestessoffinance.com




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