How To Get Out Of Your Own Way. {Video} ~ Hillary Rubin

Via Big Happy Day
on Jun 4, 2012
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Having AWARENESS is #1 in getting out of your own way.

We make things harder than they need to be… and guess what, we don’t have to!  Hillary Rubin shares a few tips in this video to help us step back and surrender. Trust that everything you need to support you will show up.  As always, have a Big Happy Day!




Hillary Rubin, a certified Anusara Yoga teacher, was diagnosed with MS in 1996 while working in the fashion industry. Her diagnosis soon became her inspiration to begin yoga. Through a dedicated yoga practice, holistic tools for a healthy lifestyle, and a commitment to her personal evolution, Hillary forged a path of healing and relieving pain. Today, she is happily living drug-free, symptom-free, and eager to share with you the holistic techniques that have changed her life.


About Big Happy Day

Big Happy Day LLC was founded to create a venue that allows the many facets of yoga and spirituality to be accessible to the world through video. Big Happy Day creates online video campaigns and provides daily video coverage of events within the world of LOHAS, specifically with an emphasis on Yoga and Kirtan. The focus of the content, whatever it may be, spreads the message of yoga, health and awareness while using a conscious media model that connects likeminded companies with teachers, artists and charities within the community.


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