I’m Smitten. {Song of the Week}

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Jun 8, 2012
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I have a music crush on Radical Face.

I blogged them up a few days ago after a friend shared one of their songs. It’s been on a perpetual loop ever since. So, I started checking out more of their stuff and found “Doorways.”

You know how you hear those songs that make you feel childhood magical running through the woods feelings all over again?

This is one of those songs:

when i was just a boy still owl-eyed
i liked to drink the rain to taste the sky
i tried to count the stars while in my bed
to keep the thoughts of monsters from my head

and i believed the stars were wishes
i believed the world was good
i believed things hid in the dark
and that all would turn out just how it should
i believed in all your stories
i believed you’d never lie
i believed if i could climb the trees behind the house,
i’d touch the sky

i believed the skies were doorways home

If that isn’t enough to make you fall a little bit in love with the song or with Radical Face, you should also know that all of the children in the video are relatives of the band. Their moms made the costumes. They shot the whole video for $150 (and the kids worked for pizza). Seriously. It’s enough to make me want to run off and live in a tree house in the woods and “drink the rain to taste the sky.” Love.


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