Romneycare Upheld! {Stephen Colbert}

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Jun 29, 2012
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Oh. Is it Obamacare? In that case, it must be disastrous government overreach.

They’re going to force feed us broccoli. And tell us when we can be excused to go to the bathroom.

There’s nothing stopping Obama from making Americans gay-marry an illegal immigrant wearing a condom, in a hydroponic pot farm powered by solar energy.

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Obamacare & The Broccoli Argument
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13 Responses to “Romneycare Upheld! {Stephen Colbert}”

  1. LibertyLover says:

    Barack Obama Was Against Healthcare Mandate Before He Was For It

    Even candidate Obama new Romneycare was bullshit. Maybe before the convention, the Republican delegates will see the light and vote Ron Paul.

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Human beings learn and wake up and change our minds constantly. I used to think girls were dumb (in second grade), for example. Let's take a step back from partisan politics and look at the good of the situation. We're ranked far behind much of the world in quality of health care, yet we pay (far) more. This can become more efficient. And remember, even without Obamacare, we cover those who go to the emergency roomand that's crazy pricey. Medicare worksMedicaid has been a positive, overallwe already cover our Congressmembers, and our military efficientlywe can do the same, saving money and enabling citizens to be of greater benefit to our economy along the way for far more Americans.

  3. LibertyLover says:

    Your argument suggests that Obamacare is going to give us higher quality care at cheaper costs. With 30 million new people now coming into the system, I dare you to reference some links from scholars that don't come from the Obama truth campaign. The opposite will be true, but at least poor people will have some coverage. Libertarians are against this, independents are against it. It's only supported by morally bankrupt progressives and liberals who turn a blind eye to the wars, the NDAA, and Assassination, all while championing universal coverage at the expense of freedom of choice.

    Force is not justified no matter the benefits. This is the principle of non-violence. You can't force people to give money to charity, even though it would do a lot of good. This is using tax as behavior modification. It's violent and violence just leads to more violence. You want better healthcare? Then we need less government, not more.

    If you want an example of how more government destroys industry, just look at education. Do federal loans make education cheaper, or do tuitions keep rising? What about the quality of our education? Students today take on exorbitant debts for lower quality education because they don't know any better and the same will be true for healthcare in the future.

  4. I think we need to start somewhere. Mandating health insurance makes sense. I've known uninsured people who went to ER and, of course, did not have to pay. Most were non-emergencies such as the flu. They didn't feel like paying for insurance because they knew they didn't have to…. the hospitals would take them in. The inability for insurance companies to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions or to drop an insured because of illness is another plus. Certainly, it is imperfect. Beyond saying we need a smaller government, I'd love to hear your ideas on how the insurance industry and healthcare system can be made to work. How less government will improve the healthcare system, etc. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Are you referring to federal loans to students? I don't think that makes education cheaper, it just makes it more accessible. But maybe I misunderstand the question. It's not a subject I would claim to be well versed on either way. Did you get a chance to see the video?

  6. LibertyLover says:

    A Doctor's View of Obamacare

  7. […] enough Romney himself, though he adamantly condemns Obamacare, was responsible for launching a state health plan in Massachusetts that would similarly impose an […]

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