June 21, 2012

Setu Bandhasana: Foundations to Advanced. {Video}

Photo from David Garrigues dvd set, A Guide to the Primary Series
Shot at the Nandi Temple in Mysore, India

On building bridges, internally and externally, through our practice.

David Garrigues created the Asana Kitchen to provide a platform for students to ask questions and receive thorough answers. David chooses the asana based on how many students have asked the question. The questions David receives about asanas come from beginning to advanced students which is why there is a range of different level students represented in the videos.

Ram’s setu bandha (literally, bridge) is the ultimate bridge that reunites Ram and Sita. Built by Ram’s (the Self) army, composed of monkeys, bears, and other creatures it is made of stones that float on water because they have been magically etched with Ram’s name.

This setu bandha is the means by which the self crosses through the psyche, through the ocean of citta vritti’s, to win back buddhi (the awakened intellect), the feminine principle of receptive discerning awareness.

Hanuman etching Ram’s name into the stones that will build the bridge to Lanka. Ram crossing the bridge to save Sita.


Editor: Kate Bartolotta


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Read 3 comments and reply

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