Upcycling My Way to a Tank of Gas.

Via Kristen Eykel
on Jun 12, 2012
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I just watched this upcycling video again, and I have to say, though I’m not especially crafty I couldn’t wait to do these projects!

The melted crayon part of our show was especially inspiring, so after watching it, I had to drag out my favorite Double Boiler and make a glorious mess making candles.

I admit that I am a pack rat. Well, this is one of the manifestations of this tendency. I save the remaining wax from the lovely candles that I have already burned, and I melt them down in color or scent groupings to make new candles. I often reuse the heavy glass jars that they come in and buy wicks at a craft store for just a couple of dollars.

Add some inspiring music, pour the melty wax and Presto! Rainy day activity for everyone.

I burn a lot of candles, not just on special occasions but on regular days, because I like how that tiny flickering flame feels when I walk into the room. I love the smell and the mental warmth that they exude. Beats TV for company for me any day. And at $20 a pop for the nice ones in glass, I figure I can save a small fortune just in wax by reusing what I have. Not to mention that the clean, stoppered glass jars (sans wax) work overtime in my pantry to keep nuts or cereal fresh and blessedly moth free.

Why at that rate, three candles equal a tankful of gas in my hybrid, so you do the math.

Now, I will admit, my colors are not as vibrant as they were the first time they burned, because now I’ve mixed the red, the burgundy and the pinks all together. Granted, there may be the errant bit of old burned wick that I need to let settle prior to my pour. And the fragrance is not as heady the second time around- all true. But I love my homemade candles in a sweet, girl-next-door kind of way that is homey and cozy all at once. Don’t get me wrong, I love all candles and will never say no to the sexy, shiny, surgically smooth ones that come ready made…


That said, when I put the match to the wick and see the flame eat up something that I have made with my own hands for my own pure enjoyment, I feel a certain satisfaction that no money can buy.

That and a full tank of gas go a long way to keeping this girl happy.


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