June 25, 2012

You Are Enlightened. ~ Joshua Barzell

What do I mean when I say you are enlightened?

We all are fully enlightened beings. I’m just speaking the truth. I see equality in the world. I see all of us as one with nature, and know that we are divine. I know it sounds crazy, but that is the truth.

The trick is to live with this vision all the time, to be enlightened all the time. That is where our spiritual practice comes in. That is why we meditate.That is why we read the ancient scriptures and spend so much time contemplating their meaning. When we experience ourselves as purely enlightened beings that is how we truly are. To be enlightened you must recognize enlightenment in others: read, write and listen to others.

The world obscures from us our inherent wonder. So how can one stay in an enlightened state?

We were told to just be ourselves when we were young . When you get older and wiser the expression just be yourself loses some of its significance. To be enlightened we must answer the question: who am I after all?.

You are the witness.

The witness of what? You are the witness of these words that you are reading right now. Sometimes we lack mental clarity and the ability to purely and simply be a witness. Through meditation we become the witness to our own enlightenment. Practice meditation and be a witness when you go for a stroll, go to work or call a friend. To gain an enlightened state of being,meditate again and repeat!

We are all enlightened beings. We are all Buddha right now.

Some of us have cleared out the rubbish, the junk in our minds and hearts. We are able to be in this state for longer periods. Some of us are so hopelessly deluded that we will never touch that inner purity in our lifetime.

The goal of life is to reach our inner center. I am overcome with immense bliss as I write this because I am in a state of witness. I attain this state through meditation. As I meditated more and more I am able to meditate throughout my day. I can now meditate during my worldly interactions. My mind has become one with my inner center.

I write this article from my inner center. I implore all of you who are reading this to find this center within yourselves. Let it infiltrate your world. It will happen with sustained practice. Be consistent and intense forever in your meditation.

Josh Barzell has been following an enlightened path for nearly 12 years, first under western methods of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, and later under eastern methods of meditation and contemplation.  He has written on the subject of Enlightenment, with his essay “Enlightenment in the Modern World,” which can be found in book form on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, online.  His websitewww.modernworldzen.com is currently undergoing a renovation.  Modern World ZEN website has other short writings that are offered for free.  Josh currently lives in Boulder and graduated With Distinction from CU-Boulder with a B.A. in Biochemistry and has been writing on spirituality since 2009.

Editor: Carrie Stiles

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Read 11 comments and reply

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