July 12, 2012

Be so Happy that When Others Look at You they Become Happy Too.


I know a girl like this. I grew up with her. I’ll remember her in summer dress, long hair, so beautiful, Karme Choling, Vermont, ’til the day I die.

But what’s truly beautiful about her is how happy and delighting, surprised, awakened, she makes others. All others. It’s like a magic power.

For years I wasn’t sure if it was genuine, or some sort of charm or ability she could turn on, even if she was sad.

Then I realized it was both a charm or ability and genuine—she loves making others light up, and she’s good at it.

I’m a generally charming dude. I can be very charming, sweet, funny, relaxed, whatever. But when I’m around her, or him, or her, or a few others…I realize that there are on this earth some who, in lighting up others, light themselves.

And when I’m with her I find myself—normally so loud, headstrong, large, noisy, speedy—I find that I stand down, sit back, watch, listen, admire. Smile.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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