wearebetterthanthis.org (pass it on). {Video}

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Jul 26, 2012
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Convicted felons, dangerously mentally ill “can buy all the guns they want.” Without a background check. Instantly.

Stephen asks:

Isn’t it more appropriate to have a moment of silence about guns … and just continue that moment of silence until there’s another tragedy like this?

And then we have another moment of silence after that. Isn’t that more respectful?

For more, watch this edgy and, yes, funny interview of the Brady Campaign’s Dan Gross (wearebetterthanthis.org). Colbert questions the politicization of the Aurora tragedy and talks everyday gun violence and the prospect of Second Amendment regulations.

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Dan Gross
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Sign the petition to President Obama and Governer Romney to say, “We are better than this.”

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  5. Elsa says:

    This violence has GOT to STOP. We as a nation can't keep going thru this. The pain is too great, the recovery too difficult. God, please help these families and all the rest of us who are suffering their pain as well. God help us all and give us what we need to be able to see You through this unspeakable tragety.