July 3, 2012

Jyotish Horoscopes & Transits for July 1st-16th.

Transits for July 1st-16th 2012

The minute I heard my first love story,
I started looking for you, not knowing
how blind that was.
Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere.
They’re in each other all along.
~ Rumi

Surya (Sun) in Gemini in Ardra nakshatra, Punarvasu on 7.5, and Pushya on 7.19

Chandra (Moon) bright half (waxing) in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and into Gemini. Exalted in Taurus 7.14 and 7.15. Guru Purnima (fullest full moon in the Vedic tradition) is on 7.03 with moon in Purvashada nakshatra.

Mangal (Mars) in Virgo in Uttaraphalguni nakshatra. Moves to Hasta on 7.10.

Guru (Jupiter) in Taurus in Rohini nakshatra.

Shukra (Venus) in its own sign of Taurus, now direct in Rohini nakshatra. Moves to Mrigashirsha nakshatra on 7.22 and into Gemini on 7.31.

Sani (Saturn) now direct, in Virgo, sitting in Chitra nakshatra.

Budha (Mercury) in Cancer in Pushya nakshatra. Moves to Aslesha on 7.07 and goes retrograde on 07.14.

Rahu in Scorpio, debilitated. Sitting in Anuradha nakshatra.

Ketu in Taurus, debilitated. Sitting in Krittika nakshatra.

July 3rd is Guru Purnima in the Vedic calendar and is considered the “fullest full moon of the year.” It is when Sun and Moon are exactly 180 degrees a part, an auspicious event astrologically that also has a mental and spiritual impact on us.

Moon will be transiting Sagittarius and in Purvashada nakshatra. Ruled by Apas, the goddess of water (jala), Purvashada represents the emotions and suggests purification and rejuvenation as a result. Water relates to love and emotions (tears). Apas is invoked in the Rgveda to bind hearts in marriage. Notice the experience of bhakti (devotion) and emotion you feel on this day. Remember your gratitude for all the teachers in your life and for what it has taken to get you to this moment at this time. All is sacred. This is a very good day to have a yagya performed and to pay respect to your teachers.

Our theme over the last few months has been relationships, comforts, wealth and expression. Taurus has demanded our attention due to multiple planets transiting it with a debilitated Ketu there as well. Its house of opposition, Scorpio, has been equally forceful in its demand for attention because of debilitated Rahu sitting there. Taurus has more to do with the relative existence, where Scorpio has much to do with the Absolute, transcendental reality and hidden realms. Rahu, however, is a worldly planet with many desires and it’s sitting in this Scorpio home—bringing us many experiences and discrepancies between these two realms of the seen and unseen. (We can also call them inner and outer.)

So here we are wanting new relationships, new experiences,  new lives, expansion of wealth and comforts and yet, Rahu and Ketu are causing us, albeit a bit forcefully, to be radical with our introspection. They may be giving us discomfort  and exasperation in order to rip veils off more dramatically. Thank you shadow planets! The discomfort is where the medicine is. The pain, sorrow, and suffering can bring us great insight if we allow it, use it, move it through and gain transformation with this process.

We start July off with Jupiter, Venus and Ketu in Taurus still. Venus won’t move to Gemini until 7.31. Enjoy another month of clean-up around desires. Try to get clarity, clarify your messes and attract more life-supporting experiences and relationships into your life.

Sun is in Gemini and moves to Cancer on 7.16 where it will be sitting with Mercury there for another month. A pattern develops here in July between communication and the soul. These two will interchange, intersect, co-create and collaborate more intimately this month. The emotions will be a key communication factor and a useful language to implement. Let your soul be a driving force in your expression and see what blossoms. Play with the dance between inner and outer.

The other quest for balance between inner and outer has to do with Mars and Saturn. Both sit in Virgo currently and then chase each other into Libra in August. Mars is the go, do energy and Saturn is the stop, slow down energy. There is a reorganization happening here in our lives. We are striving to find a new sense of balance. Work more intentionally with your inner and outer realities at this time.

*I will be on hiatus for the month of July and part of August. Please check my FB page for more regular planetary and nakshatra updates.

Aries: I strongly suggest investing in some new cleaning tools. The heart has a backlog of clearing  to do. You continue to encounter experiences that are beginning to seem cliche and outmoded at this point. Press delete and re-boot. You are in overdrive currently. You may not want to de-gook the black mold out of your shower drain, but it won’t take care of itself with out a little elbow grease. If you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean. Strap on some yellow gloves, pull out a scrubbie and get to work.

Taurus: Yah, you’ve still got it. The Taurus Fever. You look a little glowy and doe-eyed. It’s the moon shadow in your eyes. Or perhaps you’ve had one too many parties with glowsticks and strobe lights? Ready for a costume change? You’re not off the hook yet. The cosmos continue to roll out their red carpet for you. Have you showed up? How are you stepping out of your limo? And with who? What did you decide to wear? Getting blind from all the flashbulbs? How do you maintain the inner when the outer realms want all the attention? Here’s a hanky. #UseIt

Gemini: As I was writing this, I lost my pen. I looked everywhere. Under my pillows, notepad, books, blanket. No pen. I suppose this is a metaphor for you too Gemini. There are things you want to say, have to say. Your soul is asking you to speak up. This calls for desperate measures. Use your words. Like a child who is just learning to speak and has to be reminded to use words rather than temper tantrums, noises and squeals, you too need a little nudge. This will intensify as the month progresses. Learn language anew. Write it. Speak it. Sing it. Paint it. Tap into the inner reservoir of thought, word and emotion. Express yourself!

Cancer: Admittedly, you’ve stumped me Cancer. I couldn’t get the message as I looked at your transits. Sure it’s inner and outer, Mercury in your first house and Sun in your twelfth and a packed eleventh house. It’s communication, feeling hidden and misunderstood and the dance of courage, anxieties and inner shadow. Yadda yadda. [Yawn]. So I put my thinking feather on. Stuck an owl feather in my up-do for a spark of insight. Suddenly I had an epiphany moment! You’re missing the magic dear! The mundane is not serving you. Your homework: Look for owl feathers and magic messages. Then stick them in your fedora, medicine pouch and behind your ear. You’re getting ready to spread your wings and fly and you’ll need lots of feathers for the journey.

Leo: Your tussle right now also has to do with your inner and outer just like the rest. And in typical Leo fashion, you wanted answers yesterday and plated in 14 kt gold. Are you familiar with the late 70s T.V. special for kids, Free to be You and Me? There is a skit that has to do with a very special little girl who insists on being first at all times. At one point she asks that her hiking companions “hand over a whole mango please!!” And they did. But then they are all captured by a pack of hungry tigers. She goes on and on about her shiny, shiny shoes and clean, white socks. The tigers are hungry and could care less about what she’s wearing. But at her insistence, on account of being a lady, they untied her first. Perhaps you already know this innately Leo, you were born feeling royal after all. You can ask for an entire mango right now and you’ll probably get it. Just be careful what you ask for and who you ask. Tigers get hungry.

Virgo: Let me guess: You’re sure, but you’re not sure. You’re ready, but you’re not ready. You want the outer, but you want the inner. You want to this to go, but you want that to stop. Well sit on down here lil’ pardner and let’s chew the fat…I feel like Grover on Sesame Street  discussing “Near and Far” with you. Near. Far. Far. Near. Near and Far. And eventually they become the same thing and Grover, in essence, becomes our guru. There’s no separation. No difference. No absence. No gain. Or we could go with the Vedic expression from the Upanishads: “That is this. This is that. All this is nothing but that.” Chew on that for a while.

Libra: Ever heard of the Blarney Stone? People come from all over the world to kiss this stone in Ireland and gain the “gift of gab.” I’m not suggesting you travel thousands of miles to kiss a rock, but, kissing a magic stone could prove useful at some point. Maybe you feel like you’ve already kissed it? Maybe you need to pretend you’ve kissed it? Maybe you need to find your own magic stone? Communication, the power of speaking, and speaking from the soul, are themes right now Libra. This has everything to do with how you relate to others, or don’t. There’s a lot to uncover still. Start kissing some rocks.

Scorpio: Turn on the fans! I know I’m not the only Scorpio who just hit some turbulence. You feelin’ me Scorpios?! It has been an intense week with some stormy weather. I’ve tried to take my own advice. Blah! But I’ve had to ask for advice from others. Which seems to be a clue. Stepping outside of my Self has been essential. Here are some other things that are working: Connecting with friends. Laughter. #Hashtags. Midnight dancing. Putting feathers in my hair. Wearing copious amounts of jewelry. Drinking fermented bevies and chocolate. Plotting my new amazing life with stealth and conviction. Throwing temper tantrums. Honking my horn for no reason. Stomping in puddles. Using expletives. Packing my bags for my next big adventure. Pretending I’m entitled to my moodiness….What’s on your list? #ScorpioProblems

Sagittarius: Edward Sharpe’s song Dear Believer says it best so need to restate it. Marinate on this, take two of these, then call me in the morning….

Dear Believer, come sing me a song
Let the octave belong to the next
And lifting us soundly back into the world
May we sing the Earth, Heaven’s breath
Murder murder, you haunt every bone
But the son you have grown still resists
Anger anger, you’re finally my bitch
Through glory of this, Heaven’s breath.
Paradise, has its hunter
Call me blind, call me fool
I don’t mind chasing thunder
I say reaching for Heaven is what I’m on Earth to do.

Capricorn: You’re learning a lot. We should all take notes. So there are a few anxieties, fears, shadows creeping in. What do you want, A Donna Reed episode?! Patty Duke? Brady Bunch? Different Strokes? The Cosby Show? A happy ending? Sanity? Normalcy? Life in thirty minute segments where everyone learns the lesson and goes to bed at night smiling? Yah. Me too. Let’s make our own show. I’ll feed you your lines, and you can act them out. We’ll call it charades. Ready?! Here’s your clue: Two Raccoons getting into the trash. Go!

Aquarius: Feeling like you’re ready to be taken back to the Mother Land? Waiting for the Mother Ship to beam you back home? How’d I guess?! The tinfoil cap with wires sticking out of it that you are wearing on your head is a give-away. I’m all about some “Nanu Nanu” bidness, but let’s bring it back to earth for a minute. Bring it into focus here Aquarius and take some steps toward sanity. You with me?! So you’re feeling misunderstood perhaps. Maybe a little unsure about getting the right kind of support for your endeavors. Perhaps you’ve been a little under the weather. Let’s regroup. Take some time and space for the Self. Focus on health, longevity, stability and people and ideas you can trust. Let the rest get beamed up, Scotty.

Pisces: Oh, Pisces! I just want to put you in a padded room for a while. Maybe in a straight jacket. Do they make those for the mind? For the heart? Step into your Courage Boots. Place your Inner Strength hat on your head cocked to the side. Now is the time to dress the part. Fake it ‘til you make it. Buff and polish. Rise and shine. Expansion is the whole point of life. Right?! So as you move forward with conviction and passion right now, promise me you won’t look in the rearview mirror. Look Ahead. Remember who you are, give your Self a pep talk and get fired up about life! Just remember this: as my grandfather used to say, “Sometimes you just gotta give it a little elbow grease.”

*Jyotish (Vedic astrology) predates Western astrology and many consider it to be more precise and accurate. My weekly updates are based on your Jyotish rising sign, but could be viewed from your Sun or Moon sign as well as your Navamsa. As always, individual birth chart and chart specific details will modify an individual’s experience. For more information about your Jyotish rising sign, contact me here.


Editor: Brianna Bemel


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