July 23, 2012

Love You Daily. ~ Paula Muran

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The action you take for yourself shows you how much you love yourself—how worthy you feel of expressing greater appreciation for yourself and valuing your own personal life.

Self-love is comprised of three components:

Honor. Nurture. Accept.

Honor is respect, as shown in self-esteem and self-worth.

Where in your daily routine do you show yourself respect?

How do you nurture yourself? Nurturing is nourishing.

What do you do daily that nourishes your body, mind and spirit?

How much do you accept where you are right now?

In acceptance all things can change. Sometimes people believe that if they accept their fears they are accepting failure. This is not true.

For fear to shift we must see the value in it.

What I teach is to embrace the fear with love. We can’t change if we hate our fears. We can only change when we love our fears and see the value they represent in our lives.

Each morning, create a morning ritual as you begin your day. Create a perfect day for yourself.


Begin with honor. Bow to yourself in the mirror. Take a moment to honor everything you have done personally for yourself and other people in the last 48 hours.

Take a few moments before you begin anything else for the day and say to yourself, “I love you and appreciate what you do for me.”

Most importantly really feel it. Really, really feel it.

If you can’t feel your own appreciation you won’t be able to live an authentic life.


Next it’s time to nurture you. After eight or nine hours of sleep, the first thing your body wants is purified water or a green drink.

Begin with room temperature water (even in hot climates) to stimulate stomach enzymes and the intestinal track to wake up and get ready for food.

Try and delay any caffeine until after a protein shake or green drink. Don’t forget to alternate your morning proteins, too. If you have a green drink then eat another source of protein like eggs and alternate that with oatmeal.

Especially in the morning, try not to use sugar as a pick-me-up—instead use proteins.

I practice an old technique called oil swishing. I use sunflower oil (cold-pressed) and take a capful and swish it around in my mouth for about 20 minutes. Only do this on an empty stomach. Then spit it out.

Rinse out your mouth thoroughly and then drink 20 ounces of purified water.

Oil swishing releases toxins from the body. In the winter I have hot lemon water every morning before I start anything. Lemon water is natural, detoxifies and is especially cleansing to the kidneys.

While your green or protein drink is digesting, sit for a few minutes to prepare your mind for the day. Meditation is a powerful way to set intention and connects you to your deepest center.

It is not a mindless technique; rather it’s a way to focus on your personal goals for the day or week.

I would love to share with you this powerful mediation technique using the breath and counting.

It begins with some music. Choose anything you want to listen to. It can be soft and easy, classical or hip-hop if that comforts you. Seek music with no words to it. Begin with 10 minutes. Set a timer.

Put on your music and sit with your back straight and your buttocks raised just a bit. Try to sit either crossed-legged or in lotus position or extend your legs out directly in front of you with your back to a wall or in your bed.

Now, inhale and count to one. Hold for a few seconds, release and count to one again. Inhale and count two, hold for a few seconds, exhale and count two. Inhale and count three, hold for a few seconds, exhale and count three.

Imagine with your mind’s eye the actual number being exhaled from your nostrils and into the air around you. Keep counting until the timer goes off. At the end, your mind will be silent, your body oxygenated and your central nervous system calmed.

Now set your intention for the day.

The first few times you practice this meditation technique you’ll have to concentrate really hard on the numbers so the mind does not wander. If you lose your place, start all over again.

Start with seven or ten minutes and work up to 25 minutes. It’s a very powerful, relaxing meditation when you can get to 25 minutes. At 25 minutes you’ll have counted close to 200 times.

Make sure when you begin this meditation you do not hyperventilate—that means no quick short breaths and rather long, paused breathing.

If done correctly you should feel a tingling sensation all over your body—that is oxygen circulating in your blood and it feels fantastic.

Exercise. A little yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong are perfect for a morning warm-up. Begin with gentle stretching, followed by a 10-20 minute routine.

During your morning shower be grateful for all blessings in your life. Imagine the water showering your head or body as gratitude beads that bless and protect you for your entire day.


Now you are ready to walk out the door and have a perfectly peaceful and balanced day filled with love and appreciation.


Paula Muran is an author and founder of A New Enlightenment. She provides unparalleled insights into a new consciousness now emerging. Paula is a pioneer and healer in the field of belief systems and the ways emotional feelings and mental thought patterns impact our lives. Her career spans nearly a quarter of a century and her teachings represent a revolutionary step forward in human development. You can find her at www.PaulaMuran.com.


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