July 31, 2012

The Origin of Chaos. ~ Sherri Rosen

“Things were made to be used. People were made to be loved. The world is in chaos because things are being loved and people are being used.”— Unknown

When I saw this quote I just knew I had to write about it. It hit home. Really hit home. It speaks volumes to me about what’s happening in our country.

First, the placement of material posessions ahead of what is best for all people has totally taken over our political system. A few billionaires are running our country with all of their wealth and little interest in the lives of others. The NRA having so much financial and political for years has prevented significant advances to protect citizens against what happened in Aurora and Columbine, Colorado.

How can we change that? How can we become more human? How can we stop using people and bringing in more love into our lives?

With all of our material goods, all of our technical innovations, all of our ways of communicating via these technical devices, why are people more isolated than ever before?

It’s as if to acquire more things is a constant in our culture, but reaching out and connecting to another human being is becoming obsolete. Did you know people used to actually write letters to one another and mail them? That people actually enjoyed speaking to one another on the phone! I know, I know, that’s all old fashioned and in the past now.

In my lifetime, I have seen what money and wealth can do to people. How people change, become self-absorbed, self-centered, self-involved.

The first time I witnessed it was in my family. I saw how when my family was around people with money, I didn’t know who they were. I’ve seen people fight over money left to family members.

But I have also witnessed people that truly love one another, take care of each other and unfazed by monetary gains. I have witnessed family members coming together when a loved one is sick, or in need of some financial assistance or the family just loved to get together because they have so much fun.

Why do we feel we need to manipulate, control and use people for our gain?

It feels naive of me to ask this question, but I have witnessed a society crumbling in their values and ethics and passing it on to their children.

Do you feel the same?


Sherri Rosen is now living in Harlem, New York. She has had her own publicity business for 12 years giving a powerful voice to people who are doing good things in the world. She writes her own blog at www.SherriRosen.com, www.GateKeepersPost.com, www.Triiibes.com, www.Examiner.com and www.TheGoodMenProject.com.



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