This is what one sip of soda does to your body.

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>> Update (January, 2015): Coke plans to make their soda less sweet in Canada. (That doesn’t make the below info less disturbing, though.)
>> Update (March 2018): The New York Times published an article on how to reduce your sugar intake. The first thing on the list? No more soda.

I live in the fittest state in the nation. But before we go patting ourselves on our toned backs, let’s remember: only 20 years ago, when I graduated high school, our current state of obesity would have made us the fattest state in the nation.

Stat: America’s gaining weight, and quickly.

Time to wake up, parents in particular! ~ Waylon Lewis, ed.

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Think the below is sca-wee? It gets scarier.

Note: Double-click image to make it huge and readable:



According to one of our readers, the chemical that should be listed on this image is Bisphenol A, as there are two phenol groups in this chemical.


What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke


Do you know what’s in your beer? Know your beer. Enjoy your beer: 

Weight loss, racism, self-acceptance, humor:

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83 Responses to “This is what one sip of soda does to your body.”

  1. CynicalHealthNut says:

    I challenge the idea that one sip of any drink will cause me to be a fat person with osteoporosis, kidney disease, asthma and eczema. Seriously, there may be good information on that chart, but it does not apply to "one sip". Living in a city and breathing in brake dust from cars, or living in farm country and inhaling trace amounts of pesticides, walking past the smoking area outside your workplace and catching a whiff of cigarette smoke, eating one meal containing non-organic meat, fruit or vegetables – all will arguably introduce more toxins to your body than a SIP of soda. Why discredit your own good advice (fizzy soft drinks are not a good source of nutrients and harmful if ingested to excess) with the alarmist rhetoric of ONE SIP? I'd love to share your article, but my friends know me as a truthful person, so I can't. Too bad.

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  3. Bob Jone says:

    Get real.. nobody takes "one sip" of soda… they drink a whole can/bottle or nothing.

  4. sean says:

    My grandfather enjoyed coca-cola most of his life, as did my grandmother. Every time I visited him he had some in his fridge. Drank at least a can every day. Poor man, only lived to be 97 🙁

  5. Rich says:

    Orange Crush doesn’t count.

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