This is what one sip of soda does to your body.

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on Jul 3, 2012
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>>> Update (January, 2015): Coke plans to make their soda less sweet in Canada. (That doesn’t make the below info less disturbing, though.)

I live in the fittest state in the nation. But before we go patting ourselves on our toned backs, let’s remember: only 20 years ago, when I graduated high school, our current state of obesity would have made us the fattest state in the nation.

Stat: America’s gaining weight, and quickly.

Time to wake up, parents in particular! ~ Waylon Lewis, ed.

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Think the below is sca-wee? It gets scarier.

Note: Double-click image to make it huge and readable:



According to one of our readers, the chemical that should be listed on this image is Bisphenol A, as there are two phenol groups in this chemical.


What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke


Do you know what’s in your beer? Know your beer. Enjoy your beer: 

Weight loss, racism, self-acceptance, humor:


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83 Responses to “This is what one sip of soda does to your body.”

  1. Yes aspartame is some evil stuff! After thorough research, I wouldn't touch it at least!

  2. william says:

    amazing that anyone could think soda isnt good 4 ur health. true, some can do anything & live a long time tho most will end up w/something, as was my case. ok till mid 30s. begin 2 develope problems & went in2 immunillogical(haha) breakdown for 4 yrs. I am 65 & most people think i am in my 40s. It took me several yrs 2 get back on track. Made major changes. Now i rarely get sick tho i do struggle w/an urge 2 eat/drink out of balence. i usually wont indulge & when i do i will make conscious healthier choices. One inportant thing 2 know is 2 alkylize the body. 1oz of carbonation will completely acidify ur body. it will take a few GALLONS of good clean water 2 realkylize. $ most people this means eventual dis-ease. the digestive tract is the seat of ur immune system. un4tunatly the chart mentions nothing about these things.. study up on acid/alkyline body & what the digest tract does. once u get older, it takes a bit more work 2 regain health & ur system will become exponentially more sensitive 2 more things. i once went 4 allergy testing & askd 4 a sugar sensitivity test. this was a a very good alternative/holistic ofice. they told me the test was pulld from the panels by the FDA because almost EVERYONE was highly reactive 2 sugar. once ur body gets sensitive it become quite insidious how it will manifest. ck w/alt health sources 4 deeper info on these issues. AND – good luck w/ur future health,soda drinkers.

  3. Stacey says:

    Does this include mineral water?

  4. Emily says:

    Diet Soda. Aspartame–has been linked to even worse effects than regular soda. Do your research.

  5. bridget says:

    lul, try fresh squeezed juice or some spring water for a change.

  6. Patricia says:

    How big is that sip?

  7. Rachel says:

    I believe so, yes! I think it's a regional thing – here, 'soda' pretty much refers to anything carbonated.

  8. Andy says:

    I replaced my soft drink addiction with Lipton green tea and I don't miss soft drinks, at all, ever. You can get a nice buzz from the combination of L-theanine and caffeine, yet it has far less caffeine than a cup of coffee. Most of the green teas you will find in the bag form are not a very good quality. You should look for a brand that makes the greenest color of tea and avoid the ones that make a brown-colored tea. Sweeten the tea with stevia, real stevia, not that chemically-altered crap they sell at Walmart. There is no substitute for pure stevia. Order it from Amazon or get it from a health food store. Specifically, look for the Sweetleaf brand or the KAL brand. Do not be alarmed by the price of a small bottle of stevia. One small bottle will last you 1 – 3 months.
    I did notice a possible herxheimer reaction when I stopped drinking sugared soft drinks. I had painful, somewhat burning, loose bowel movements and a caffeine-withdrawal headache which only responded to a small dose of hydrocodone. The headache lasted all day and all night until I ended it with the Lortab. The loose bowel movements occured here and there for about two weeks, but not everyday. But anyway, after a few months, I realized that my energy levels are now rock-stable and I can get through workouts much easier. I rarely get headaches anymore, whereas I used to get them frequently. I am through with soft drinks forever. So just do it!! Wean yourself off those horrible, health-destroying mixtures of sugar and acid and regain/secure your good health for the future!!

  9. Dave says:

    Thanks for a sensible response at last.

  10. Dave says:

    You're missing that the main problem nowadays is the *under 20s*.

  11. Dave says:

    Really ? Water costs more in the USA ?

  12. Dave says:

    Wow it turns acidic – for God's sake don't have anything with lemons in and never use any sort of vinegar !!!

  13. Dave says:

    Want soda in the USA whilst minimising the health issues ?
    Try here:

  14. Dave says:

    Fresh squeezed juice – at least fruit juice, is high in fructose so based on the above……

  15. stonecarver says:

    I gave up soda's years ago; come from the generation when a soft drink was an occasional "treat," but Kool-Aid and sweet tea dominated Southern potlucks and picnics. I happen to love black coffee and unsweetened tea, but kidney stone episodes and multiple sclerosis "bladder chatter" has caused me to make changes.In addition to my allopathic physicians, I see a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner for acupuncture and he gave me a great suggestion you may be able to use, Vicki. He recommended that I prepare a very strong, concentrate of black tea and take a spoonful or two whenever I want a caffeine pick-me-up. It's easy to do and it has worked for me. Good luck–quitting caffeine too abruptly traditionally leads to severe headaches as a minor withdrawal symptom. My body never has had any withdrawal symptoms, thankfully.

  16. Scott says:

    My hs health teacher /football coach talked a out how unhealthy he eats and how much soda he drank and how doctors are idiots.. And he had a heart attack that year and died… How’s diet seltzer water for you?

  17. Rick says:

    I agree with the alarmist comments about this being titled as "one drink" will destroy your body, blah, blah. That's lame and inaccurate. Past that though, I do find that putting the facts together about the dangers of soda so that people realize what they are consuming, what they are CHOOSING as their fuel is a good thing. To me, if you are informed of bad stuff and you choose to enjoy it anyway, than enjoy. Hopefully you have enough good things going for you to really enjoy life and not have any negative effects. However, in my opinion, I wonder why so many people fail to realize that you vote with your dollars and your actions, not your "vote". If you like tasty poison, no matter what somebody says, you can always justify consumming it. However, if you love life, put your focus on incentivizing companies that do good for you instead. It'll make the world a better place.

  18. mary ellen says:

    I drink soda. Have 1 at my reach 24-7. Something is going to kill us. Put away your fears and enjoy life.

  19. au says:

    let’s compare the body fat percentage (as a convenient metric) of soda drinkers vs non soda drinkers out to 1 or 2 standard deviations
    . is there a causative correlation or just coincidence?
    they are still using BPA in aluminum can liners last time I checked (several months ago)
    not sure how it compares to the amount from the ubiquitous thermally printed receipts
    that will find its way into the digestive tracts of non-fastidious people

  20. jane says:

    Agreed. Addictions come in many different packages, don't they? The consequences on your health and lifespan to your family are the same whether they result from alcoholism or dietary choices.

  21. Old Man says:

    According to this chart I should have been dead a long time ago.

  22. starbaby says:

    Yes, whether you refer to it as Pop, Soda, etc… it's all the same – high sugar (including sugar substitutes) carbonated drinks

  23. Will says:

    Kernel of truth: You shouldn't treat soda like water the way some people do. Treat it more like alcohol than water, and then it's fine.* (All the sugar-based issues, the same can be said for candy, cake, and all other non-liquid sweets as well. Yet, people very seldom make "one bite" hyperboles for shock value to parallel this "one sip" claim.) For the record, Elephant Journal is a New Age/Yoga site, and such sites have been known to make wildly exaggerated or in some cases downright false claims on scientific matters.

    Also, dopamine receptors in the brain work the same way whether you're drinking soda or alcoholic beverages, doing heroin, or even playing baseball (sensory input from pleasurable activities like that also initiates dopamine production pathways). So, that part is misleading since the relevant receptor pathways are universal, not some special resemblance between soda and heroin.

    Plus, caffeine absorption works the same way whether the caffeine comes from soda, coffee, or even tea. (Some varieties of tea leaf plants do produce as much caffeine as coffee plants, although not common green tea.)

    *Regular soda can be OK if you treat it like alcohol rather than water. Diet, not so much. The ingredients in regular soda are biological material. (Color derived from insect eggs is still biological, not truly artificial, not something built from the ground up by a chemical engineer in a lab.) Diet soda has much more material made from whole cloth.

    Interestingly, the way most people (and blogs) talk about alcoholic beverages assumes that others understand the concept of moderation. They are just as bad as soda–in fact, probably even worse–if consumed liberally all the time. When it comes to soda, people suddenly assume that others don't understand moderation, surely they only understand 0. Honestly though, if you treat soda like alcohol, you're fine.

  24. elephantjournal says:

    "For the record, Elephant Journal is a New Age/Yoga site…" For the record, no it isn't.

  25. Eric says:

    even scientists have not concluded the diffrence sugar and corn syrup make. saying corn syrup is worse. no conclusions. sure filling your beverage diet with soda only can lead to negative health effects, but its all about how you build your lifestyle. u must make water your primary source as a beverage. and get that fat ass on a stairmaster!!!! i agree with you. more hippie propoganda

  26. sarahtheaquarian says:

    guess not a lot of folks are fans of this, but love it! i used to drink diet or regular soda every day, and actually had withdraw symptoms after stopping. eekk! I cleaned up my diet (not easy) but now i never crave soda. i actually feel sick if i have just one soda. keep up the good work ej!

  27. Guest says:

    High Fructose Corn syrup is almost identical to regular table sugar. No better, no worse for the body, or the synapses.

  28. tintala says:

    I am more worried about the c02 and green house gasses spewed by vehicles idling at stop lights that we all breathe daily on our ways to Home depot, work, walmart, Sonic , the Liquor store and the convenient store for a pack of smokes. But there is no hiding the obesity epidemic.

  29. CynicalHealthNut says:

    I challenge the idea that one sip of any drink will cause me to be a fat person with osteoporosis, kidney disease, asthma and eczema. Seriously, there may be good information on that chart, but it does not apply to "one sip". Living in a city and breathing in brake dust from cars, or living in farm country and inhaling trace amounts of pesticides, walking past the smoking area outside your workplace and catching a whiff of cigarette smoke, eating one meal containing non-organic meat, fruit or vegetables – all will arguably introduce more toxins to your body than a SIP of soda. Why discredit your own good advice (fizzy soft drinks are not a good source of nutrients and harmful if ingested to excess) with the alarmist rhetoric of ONE SIP? I'd love to share your article, but my friends know me as a truthful person, so I can't. Too bad.

  30. Every chakra additionally has a sure true color of

    the visible light spectrum related to it—from pink (1st chakra)

    to violet (7th chakra).

  31. Bob Jone says:

    Get real.. nobody takes "one sip" of soda… they drink a whole can/bottle or nothing.

  32. sean says:

    My grandfather enjoyed coca-cola most of his life, as did my grandmother. Every time I visited him he had some in his fridge. Drank at least a can every day. Poor man, only lived to be 97 🙁

  33. Rich says:

    Orange Crush doesn’t count.

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