July 26, 2012

Weathering the Storm.

I find myself standing in the middle of the world, surrounded by people who are constantly building up and releasing pressure.

Pressure can exist in the form of frustration or preoccupation. Pressure can be something as simple as forcing yourself to complete that workout (which isn’t always a negative), pursuing a career for the expectation of your parents or marrying the person others really want you to be with.

You can’t see it directly, but you can see its effect and you can feel it.

I was meeting with a woman yesterday who has become a fantastic friend in my life outside of the counseling world, as well as a cherished mentor.

She completed her masters in counseling psychology when she was around 30, so she entered into this realm a little bit later than I, but I soon found we share so much in common.

We relished in our individual experiences and our own epiphanies that brought us where we are today. We exchanged stories and got on the topic of humans and how we are conditioned to survive. It is quite remarkable how we can take numerous hits, battle through the devastation and emerge on the other end still breathing.

For me, life has been a journey of joys and sorrows, tragic experiences and unforgettable magic.

I have suffered a brutal concentration of loss but through the midst of it, through the tears and suffering, I knew that no matter what, I would survive it. I had no expectation of being a stoic and knew that I would wear my sadness on my sleeve.

With diligence, I have watched over the past few months the family members of those who passed and have been completely taken by their courage.

Through my time absorbing experiences and integrating them into this way of life that I have created for myself, everything is telling me one simple thing:

Humans are survivors.

We are conditioned to clamber to the surface and not rest underwater.  In my experience, just when you think you are able to withstand no more of the devastating storm of life, the dark clouds appear and fear envelops your heart. When those moments arise, know the strength that lies within you.

Lesson for today:

Don’t be intimidated by the unpredictability of life. Relish in the unknown.

Know that deep within you lies a strength and courage 100 times as strong as you’ve ever imagined. Don’t ever doubt that each one of us has an ability to move mountains.

So when you find yourself fatigued, hopeless, desperate to ask the unanswerable questions, look within. The strength you need and more are all in there.



Editor: Cassandra Smith

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Read 4 comments and reply

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