Wet, Dark & Tangled: The Unthwarted Feminine. ~ Karen Chrappa

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Photo: Alison Postighone

It’s time for the voice of the Sacred Feminine to be heard.

But culture, conditioning, belief systems, religion, ancestors and personal wounds have attempted to thwart her power. Our fear of her force has driven us to keep a lid on our feelings while we cut down rain forests.

Rainforests that are, well, feminine. In the words of shaman 
Alberto Villoldo, “I remember being told by a medicine woman in the Amazon, 
Do you know why they are really cutting down the rain forest? 
Because it is wet and dark and tangled and feminine.”

As a child, truth was clear yet my voice was manipulated by a masculine determined to keep dominion over a home ruled by alcohol. The light of truth was unable to stare in the blind eye of booze.

This pattern internalized itself, twisting my voice in self-doubt. Is what I see real? What I feel true? My body armored itself against her sovereign flow of feeling. The dark, tangled mess of emotions were deemed worthless, abandoned to deep recesses of heart and soul. Mind, iron-like control and all that is rational served as the hallmark to success.

In her diminished expression my feminine could only encounter the diminished masculine. Intimate relationships danced in a painful tango with men who could not show up, refused to be seen, wavered in commitment.

In the ’70s Helen Reddy roared the feminine anthem I Am Woman. With equality on the table the expression of the feminine seemed to shape itself into a masculine form still unable to see the breadth of her dark and tangled power. Equal pay for equal work constricted the essence of the feminine in a box way too small for her majesty.

The feminine voice arising now is distinctly differentiated from the masculine. The voice is birthing as if for the first time yet emerging from primordial roots through eons of time and space. Her voice holds fierce truth that cannot keep quiet. She has seen too much. Suffered too long.

Dark. Messy. Tangled. Wet. Wildly and ecstatically feminine.

Her worth is the depth of her feeling. The force of her presence. The radiance of her love in all its expressions. Her relentless truth can make you squirm. Her blinding light unveils shadows.

The prophecies call now for the ending of an era, a passage into a new pachakuti, a new epoch marked by an evolution of consciousness. Primal powers that have lain dormant are awakening within. Our feminine voice is rising.

In our delusion spirituality consists only of Light. For our ascension to Light, our ascension in Love is met by the depths we traverse in darkness. Our perception heightens in darkness. Through darkness every seed takes pilgrimage. It is the dark and tangled feminine matrix that is restructuring within.

How does the masculine now shape itself to meet this emerging feminine both within us and around us? Old strategies of control and domination are no longer viable, in personal relationship nor in the world. A new world order is upon us.

This is the evolutionary work we have come to do. How we hold the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine through a dance of partnership will blaze the trail of our dawning. A dawning where each is empowered by the other in order to rise to the most divine aspects of our becoming.

The birthing of the feminine in all her glorious forms and expressions is upon us. She does not seek domination over the masculine. Nor does she wish to be masculine.

She is ready to take her seat.

Upon her rightful throne.


(This article first appeared on the authors blog as Feminine Rising.)


Karen Chrappa is a comtemporary medicine woman and author of A Structure for Spirit. She works in both the visible realms of form and the invisible realms of Spirit helping clients embody their sacred essence. She has studied extensively with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Healing the Light Body School and with master shamans of the Andes. She continues to travel to Peru with her ayllu, A Bouquet of Light, to awaken the Sacred Feminine. She can be found on her blog, A Structure for Spirit or at her Facebook Page. 


Editor: Lori Lothian


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27 Responses to “Wet, Dark & Tangled: The Unthwarted Feminine. ~ Karen Chrappa”

  1. Amanda says:

    i admire you 🙂

  2. jennifer storey says:

    beautiful work, sister!

  3. teri says:

    here, here! beautifully written, fantastic message! thanks for sharing your depth of understanding, dear sister! well done!

  4. Laura (CC) says:

    Beautiful, profound message in the era of bring both Divine energies together…thank you for the reminder of walking authentically Blessings

  5. Linda says:

    That pretty much sums it up – beautiful article Karen!

  6. Stefanie Lipsey says:

    I love this message and your article, Karen. You have inspired so many with your teachings and your generosity. Great words: "How we hold the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine through a dance of partnership will blaze the trail of our dawning. A dawning where each is empowered by the other in order to rise to the most divine aspects of our becoming."

  7. thelindseyoneill says:

    Karen, beautifully written. Powerful and Poised. Just like the balance between the Sacred masculine and the Sacred feminine, the solar and the lunar energies that live within each of us, and around all of us. Thank you.

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  9. Alayna says:

    What a breath taking article!! this is poetry and an article at once.

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