July 12, 2012

Yoga Teacher’s Survival Kit.

In this modern age, people are well prepared for the unforeseen.

They keep first aid kits, paper road maps, fire extinguishers all within arm’s reach.

 Here is what we yoga teachers need in case of a yogi emergency:

1. Well-insulated cooler: Eating most of our meals in the car or on the go, it is imperative to have a good cooler to keep those juices and quinoa dishes chilled.

2. Face wipes: The moisture and heat of the yoga rooms can act as a great facial, but when you spend your entire day in one it can also leave behind some unwanted gunk. Plus yoga teachers are usually running from their own practice to the next class with little time for a full face wash.

3. Hand sanitizer: Mama always says to wash your hands! Being trained in Ashtanga yoga, I love giving adjustments, but I also prefer not getting sick. These bottles are cheap, small and easy to carry around.

4. Mat cleaner: With no time or place to hang your mat up in between classes, it is good to spray that bad boy down with a natural disinfectant spray before it sits rolled up for the rest of the day.

5. Extra change of yoga clothes: It doesn’t have to be your snazziest piece, but there will inevitably be a day when you want to catch a last minute class or your client may have schvitzed last night’s bottle of wine onto your shirt.

6. Hair ties: You can never have too many hair ties. And boy yogis don’t act like you are exempt from this item! Many of you have longer hair than most of us girl teachers.

7. Nail file: One jagged hang nail can turn a hands-on adjustment into an exfoliation treatment, fast.

8. Small quick dry towel: This multipurpose item can act as a napkin, a spill saver and a yoga towel if you happen to forget your sweat rag.

As yoga teachers the pressure is on to remain calm amidst chaos. Stay calm by staying prepared.

What would you put in your Yoga Teacher Survival Kit?


Editor: Kate Bartolotta

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Read 4 comments and reply

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