August 21, 2012

15 Reasons You Should Go for a Run.

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I started running again last week after a long slackfest hiatus.

When I first started running regularly in high school, it was punish myself for eating. That’s a horrible reason to do what is ultimately a wonderful thing. Now, I run because I love it—and it loves me back.

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Sometimes I joke that “I love running—when it’s over.” It sounds silly, but the afterglow of running is amazing. Your body releases endorphins and enkephalins ,which give you that “runner’s high.” So you’ve got the puddingy spent feeling like after amazing sex, plus a natural high—what’s better than that?

Another great thing about running is the meditative quality it can have. The cadence of your run is a great focal point to still your mind. (Sakyong Mipham has a fantastic book on this topic for anyone looking to explore further.)

Along with yoga, which requires far less in terms of gear than many companies would have you think, running is one of the most portable, convenient healthy habits you can create.

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P.S. Always on my running playlist, usually for the cool down:


It’s awesome, but clearly, I need some new tunes. Let me know what you’re running to in the comments!


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