August 7, 2012

Asana as Artwork. ~ Justine Hamill

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana ~ Charcoal Pencil Sketch

At the time I sat down to sketch this beautiful posture, I remember feeling like my heart ached. I was very in touch with a longing, a longing to open, a longing to express, to breathe embodied life into creativity and share it wholeheartedly with the world. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana, my favorite hip opening posture, evolved on my paper saying open hips, open heart. So much is stored in our hips and there is something so powerful and open about this posture. Yet, it is grounded and graceful at the same time.

OM Drishti ~ Arcrylic on Canvas

The intensity of one pointed focus is referred to as Drishti. This painting was done at a time when I felt I needed to focus, be immersed in art and find peace from external distractions of the busyness and the “shoulds” of domestic life with three children. Focussing my energy and creativity on this painting felt similar to my focus in balancing postures, which require intent and intensity as well as, a softness at the same time. Without the softness of the focused gaze, I may risk blocking my flow and my embodied breath. In this painting, the the grounded gaze, stillness and balance give birth to the opening of the crown chakra.

Yoga helps me use my body to feel into what is there, what I embody in any given moment. Art and allowing my creativity to emerge on paper or canvas is very similar to allowing my practice to evolve on my mat. I never know quite what I am going to paint or draw, but instead open to the divine and let it flow as freely as I can in the moment. Art, like yoga, can also teach me where I have blocks, fears and anxieties. What I do know is that I just have to start, hold that pencil or paint brush, let go of any expectations or predetermined outcome and be truly in the moment…something will always evolve. Just like on my mat.


Justine Hamill is a Yoga Teacher for Abundance Mind and Body in Wellington, New Zealand as well as a 3rd year student of Gestalt Psychotherapy and a lover of the 5 Rhythms Dance practice.  At home she is a friend, lover, mother of 3, singer, artist, musician and eternal seeker of truth through self enquiry, keeping it real, raw and relational, connection with others on an authentic level is the essence of life, starting with an authentic connection to ones inner divine.


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