August 14, 2012

Dudes: how to have Great Hair, naturally.

Via Reddit, Naturally.

Jeff Bridges has the best hair. He’s always had the best hair: in every movie I’ve ever seen him over 20 years—Fearless, Fabulous Baker Boys, The Big Lebowski. Well, every movie other than Iron Man.

Here’s how you do it, from an expert Redditor.

10 Step Plan to Dudesque Hair

  1. Be born with decent genetics.
  2. Grow out hair.
  3. Get decent shape-up hair cut.
  4. Sweat mild-moderately everyday.
  5. Rinse hair with warm water, then cold water. Shampoo and condition every third day.
  6. Pat dry and comb hair with wide toothed comb immediately after showering.
  7. Apply bandana for 15-30 min
  8. Brush with densely bristled brush.
  9. Shape up every two months.
  10. Realize you are doing less and benefiting more.

Qualifications: 2011 Best Hair Award in first year med school class of 175 students

Images from over the years:

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Read 4 comments and reply

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