Five Myths about Genetically Engineered Foods. {Infographic}

Via Lynn Hasselberger
on Aug 16, 2012
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Genetically engineered food is something I avoid.

But that’s just me. (And am I a fool to think I can avoid it at will? Apparently.)

Not sure what to think about GE (or GM/GMO) foods? Check out this infographic from Greenpeace to learn why it makes sense to “just say no to GMO.”

Note: Although Myth #3 is specific to China, it’s still relevant. In the U.S., labeling genetically modified foods is not required, making GM food difficult to avoid unless the food you purchase is certified organic.

The GM contamination register is a helpful link where you can search where, when and how contamination has taken place.

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8 Responses to “Five Myths about Genetically Engineered Foods. {Infographic}”

  1. Thanks for keeping us informed, Lynn.


  2. Chris Fici says:

    Thank you Lynn.
    Sharing this with my friends and family.

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  4. […] I know of was making anyways) but that they do indeed have less pesticides, less mutant bacteria, no GMOS and no growth […]

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