Men Wouldn’t Look At Me When I Was Skinny. But, Since I Gained Ten Pounds, I Have All The Dates I Want.

Via elephant journal
on Aug 19, 2012
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“Boy, or should I say Girl, ads back in the day did have something to say!”

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8 Responses to “Men Wouldn’t Look At Me When I Was Skinny. But, Since I Gained Ten Pounds, I Have All The Dates I Want.”

  1. charon says:

    whatever you do, whoever you are, you're wrong 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    Well, to be fair, the girls in the advertisements would be considered skinny today!

  3. kate says:

    these ads still represent what the ideal female body is based on a man's preferences. it's still telling women to change their bodies for OTHER people–more often than not, men.

  4. tjk says:

    I am a naturally skinny girl and love myself and never have a problem getting dates. I think the point is to be healthy and happy with who you are. I don't really like this new skinny vs.non-skinny. How about we teach our girls to love who they are no matter what instead of striving to lose ten lbs or gain ten lbs.

  5. Mariucc says:

    i don't think you would ever see these ads today – now we are taught the opposite – try and try to be skinnier!!!

  6. Kerry-Anne says:

    Does anyone know when the first ad was made? Or an approximation of the year?

  7. dagi says:

    So, skinny is bad cause men don’t like it? And not-skinny is bad cause men don’t like fat girls? And skinny can be good if you have nice boobs and don’t look too masculine? And not-skinny is good ’cause then men can look at your curves? And women are supposed to achieve the look that is most wanted by men? How about we stop telling women how to look?

  8. Dev Advo says:

    Well ya, that happens across all species and males do it too. It's called natural selection. Now if you'll excuse me I have some push-ups to do.