August 12, 2012

Six Life Lessons from a Horse. ~ Claire Charters

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Animals are wonderful teachers; they are the mirror to our soul.

I have an innate love for horses and have been practicing natural horsemanship for years. Natural horsemanship is about working as a partnership as opposed to being the authority figure.

Over the years my horse has taught me to look a little deeper within myself in order to be able to understand him.

Below are some of the life lessons that I have learnt from my horse which have made me a better person, along with strengthening our horse-human relationship.

Whether it is a horse, dog, cat or bird that you have as a pet—choose to find the lessons they teach you about life, love and yourself.

The Lessons

Intent is more powerful than words.

You may say or do all the right things, but if it doesn’t come from the heart it means nothing. You may not know the right things to say, but if your intent is genuine then it means the world to me.

Energy is everything.

We may not speak the same language, however I understand you through the energy that you are sending out.

Give me time to understand.

Take it slow and give me the time and space to understand what it is that you want from me.

Trust in me.

Trust that I will give you what you need; you just have to take the time to understand me. You may have a preconceived idea about what I may do, but it doesn’t mean I will do it. So please don’t judge me.

Next time you are mean to me, remember I am bigger than you.

I could kick or strike you, but I choose not to because I understand that you are just trying to do your best with what you know.

Next time you scold me for being uncooperative or lazy, get curious about why I am like that.

I am sure it is just because we have a misunderstanding. So let’s get clear about each other and peel back the layers slowly, ensuring that no misunderstandings happen.

Online media personality, holistic lifestyle coach, author and entrepreneur, Claire Charters founded the holistic lifestyle blog Serene Wellness. Claire works hard to create a wholesome path to wellness through her writing and her unique tours and retreats. Her articles on health, wellness and spirituality can be found on various sites. She has a growing community of people following her on her blog, Facebook and Twitter. She also run’s free courses which are designed to inspire people to start living their best holistic life. Read more about Claire here.


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