August 5, 2012

Take the Chance.

I was speaking with a dear friend the other day, talking about how my move to Boulder four and a half years ago has changed me in so many ways.

I feel as though this move has opened my mind and heart to a completely new way of life, despite the fact that it isn’t even really that far from my hometown of Athens, Georgia . I have become very appreciative of taking health seriously both for the mind and body,I have understood the power of healing, I have seen the beauty of nature and I have explored new land. I have been opened up to thousands of new experiences and new kinds of people.

In the health arena, I have discovered that our bodies are our shrines. They are beautiful and should be taken care of. I have discussed with people the importance of taking into consideration what we put into our bodies. We should appreciate the complexity of what lies underneath our skin, and should marvel at the vastness of our living mechanism. In order to keep that mechanism working properly, we should absolutely not take it for granted. Now that doesn’t mean taking one path and following it to the depths with no deviation, but it does mean gaining an awareness of the preciousness of our bodies.

Now for the mind, I am learning the importance of holding it in the highest of priorities. Our minds are the powerful force that guides the course of life and should be protected. I feel as though our emotional strength and state is sometimes shoved under the rug and not given the attention it is due. So give it attention, love on your body and mind, read on practices and measures that can be exercised to enhance their quality.

The power of healing…this has been huge since I have moved to Boulder. I have been introduced to an entire world of alternative healing practices that I never knew existed. I have gained an appreciation for holistic methods and have utilized them in ways that I feel are applicable to my life. There is so much about the body’s own ability to cope that I feel so many people in our culture haven’t begun to tap into. I love that there is so much strength within me that I never knew existed. It is in everybody; it’s just a matter of searching for it.

The exploration of the West has given me such an appreciation for nature and its endless bounty. We have such a miraculous country in our hands that has yet to be fully discovered. The natural beauty of the West has given me a deeper connection to nature and I feel inclined to place myself deep within it on a daily basis. The solace I have found there is remarkable.

Tap into it.

Since making Boulder my home, people have been shocked and surprised that I have stayed as long as I have. However, I have no intention of going, for the gifts that I have mentioned have given me so much room for expansion. I want to expand my mind and body, I want to be one with nature, I want to explore new lands. For with every new discovery comes inner growth.

Lesson for today: venture out, take that chance, do the unexpected. For with each opportunity that you do take, lessons are learned, gifts come and life presents you with amazing new paths.


Editor: Sara McKeown

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Greer Van Dyck

Greer Van Dyck, M.A. appreciates the quiet of the early morning hours. Proudly representing herself as a “realistic optimist,” she thrives on challenging herself in the workplace and on the playing field. She works for a startup company called TherapySites, who specializes in providing web based solutions for mental health care practitioners and gets geeked out over riding her single speed mountain bike. The work keeps her stimulated and always tests her creative edge and business savvy.
She references the words of Kahlil Gibran often and appreciates the wisdom of his words. One of her favorite quotes is, “Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.” Game on. Providing therapeutic services in and around Boulder, CO. Please feel free to call at 706-714-6500 or email at [email protected]