August 23, 2012

Three Ways to Create Bliss in Your Daily Life.

Photo by David G Arenson ND

I am not the darkness nor the light. I am that, and far more…I am myself, the eternal consciousness.

When I love myself, I experience all of Creation in one instant.

I am not tomorrow. I am not yesterday. I am the infinite present.

When I bring presence to the now, I can stop time.

Love yourself!

All of us individually and collectively are seeking pleasure, the end of suffering, and ultimately “wholeness.” Yet, we get caught up in dramas, judging ourselves and others, and craving empty substitutes for living our truth authentically (food, sex, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, television, etc.).

In Buddhism, on the one hand, craving and attachment to Vedana (feeling or sensation in Sanskrit) leads to suffering. On the other hand, concentrated awareness and awareness of Vedana leads to enlightenment and the end of suffering.

The antidote and solution to this is self-worth.

Positive self-esteem is an essential foundation that should be instilled in all our kids from the earliest age. Without this foundation, we are “lost” as a society, and people will always seek external methods of validation— from drugs, alcohol, sex to junk foods.

It is not in denying ourselves that we find a pathway to inner peace.

It is in the very experiencing of ourselves that we find authenticity and wholeness.

Seeing beyond the veil of illusion reveals our true selves, what is inside. The mirror of your life does not lie. In our frenetic 21st century lives, it is more important than ever to change that which is not working from the inside out.

Behold, the heart is a vessel for love.

Look within and expect miracles.

Today I am the sky learning that every hurdle or challenge hides secrets, every experience offers something to learn.

Behind the mask is the essence of truth, which is infinitely more vast than expected. When we get out of the way of our ego, we can learn to truly experience love from the inside out as an intrinsic part of all nature. This is our calling.

Everything is alive. Everything breathes. Movement is life. We are all part of the movement, the cycle, the breath, the expansion, the contraction, the awareness…

We are all infused with life force…as is all of the vibrating universe!

There is always something for me to learn and heal from, and make me understand more. But, I need to forget my ego—just be still. In silence is found the true healing.

If all I am is love, then how can I hurt? It is only attachment that leads to suffering.

Life becomes resistant when you resist what stares you in the face. See the windows beyond the bars of separation. All it takes to break down the bars, is an open heart and courage to face the truth.

When we experience love from the inside out as an intrinsic part of all Creation, we find our calling; experiencing ourselves as Love. This is touching God, our true nature.

Photo by David G Arenson ND

Three Reasons Self-Love is the Gateway to Finding your Bliss:

1. You cannot love another more than you love yourself.

Loving yourself leads directly to loving choices for yourself and for others.

2. You cannot escape yourself.

Not through drugs, alcohol or junk foods. Not through sex.

You may feel like you’ve escaped—but the effects will soon wear off. And once again, you’ll find yourself in waiting.

You’ll always take yourself with you wherever you go.

3. Loving yourself gets you to the true source of who you are.

Attachment leads to suffering. As a society, we have become receptive to media messages and external comforts. Non-attachment requires not chasing after shadows and luxuries.

Wholeness that comes from a full embodiment of who you are, comes from self-love.

Non-attachment to material, artificial and exterior comforts leaves only the self. The source of all love is within your reach.

Loving yourself is the way to a blissful life.

Photo by permission David G Arenson ND



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