September 26, 2012

3 Eco-friendly DIY Party Favors.

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Mason jars make creative party favors.

And they’re a modern wedding miracle.

They’re extremely cheap and versatile. You can use them for everything from hanging lanterns to vases to mini dioramas. They’re also excellent re-usable receptacles for favors. The jars themselves are always great to have around the kitchen and the classic thick glass makes whatever you fill them with sparkle and shine.

The cheapest and most eco-friendly way to get your hands on some Mason jars is to collect them from thrift stores and garage sales. Mason jars last forever, though their lids do tend to rust. Luckily, you can buy the lids in bulk online. Here are some creative ideas for favors in Mason jars.

Homemade Jars of Unlikely Delights

Photo source: greenbrideguide.com

Have you ever had homemade pickles? What about sauerkraut? These classic side dishes are easy to make if you’ve got the time to wait for fermentation. All you need is a recipe, lots of Mason jars, and a helpful friend or two. Pickles are exceptionally easy (sauerkraut requires mountains of shredded cabbage which, after a few hours, leaves even the most skilled shredder with shredded knuckles). Fried Chillies has a great recipe for dill pickles. The most important thing to remember: make sure your jars are completely clean before you start. Boiling them is the safest way to do this.

Family Recipe Jars

Photo source: greenbrideguide.com

If you don’t have the time to make the food yourself, prepare jars full of ingredients instead. We all have those family recipes that make us feel safe. They remind us of childhood—of our mother’s filling the house with mouth-watering smells. Guests will enjoy thinking of you while they prepare something traditional and personal, something cozy and comforting. You’ll be sharing your own family experience with each of them.  The jar pictured above includes all the dry ingredients for delectable white chocolate brownies with walnuts. All that’s missing is the water and oil. And these jars are so lovely: they’re like sand art for the kitchen!

Organic Body Scrub

Photo source: greenbrideguide.com

This body scrub will moisturize and exfoliate without over-drying. The almond oil is ideal for sensitive skin and the ginger will improve circulation. If you have any guests who are allergic to nuts, simply substitute in another organic oil like grapeseed or jojoba.

  • 1 cup raw sugar
  • 1 tbs ground organic coffee
  • 1 tbs fair trade cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp organic cinnamon
  • Generous pinch organic nutmeg
  • Generous pinch organic ginger
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup organic almond oil

Mix all these ingredients in a jar. Attach a label on recycled paper and cover the jar with a square of pretty vintage fabric.

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