September 28, 2012

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Yoga Niche. ~ Cailen Ascher

The further you delve into your niche, the more pockets of expansion you’ll see.

When it comes to teaching yoga, having a niche can be an extremely valuable tool. A niche is an angle or perspective from which you deliver your yoga offerings, or the style in which you teach them—whether they are public classes, private lessons, workshops or perhaps online content such as blog posts or YouTube videos.

If you’re afraid that having a niche will exclude potential students or pigeon-hole you, you’re not alone. Many people share this exact same fear, and therefore, never pursue a niche. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Having a niche is a great way to connect with students on a deeper level, and because your niche is a reflection of you and your passion, it will also mean that students will be more engaged and will love spreading the word about what a fabulous teacher you are.

Here are five reasons why you should consider “niche-ing” your yoga teaching:

1. It distinguishes you!

Yoga is popular—there’s no doubt about it. So, how are you going to get yourself noticed in such a crowded industry? One word: niche. Maybe you’re the straight-talking yogi—no Sanskrit here! Or, perhaps you’re an avid poetry reader, and always theme your class around a poem you love. Or, maybe you’re a self-taught vegan cook and host yoga-cooking workshops for those interested in taking yoga “off the mat” and into the kitchen! Share your personality, and your students will respond by becoming even more loyal.

2. You’ll feel more fulfilled!

If you try to fit into a mold of what you think a yoga teacher “should be,” you’re never going to be truly happy. A niche allows you to craft your yoga career around your uniqueness. The more you fuse your passions with your teaching, the happier you’ll be. If you’re an engineer, don’t leave that at the door when you enter the studio. Deconstruct the poses, teach anatomy and focus on alignment. Your students will thank you for it!

3. It’s helpful!

Having a niche allows you to fulfill a need. Students know exactly what to come to you for, because they know exactly what you offer. Instead of spreading yourself thin, trying to be everything to everyone, you can hone in on what you’re truly good at. This focus allows you to use your unique skill set to really fulfill a need for your students. When they need a therapeutic, chair-based yoga class, they know who to go to.

4. You’ll have more focus, drive and motivation!

Sometimes people fear that a niche will limit their creativity and potential because they’ll run out of ideas, but nothing could be further from the truth. A niche will give you focus, drive and motivation because you’ll be continually interacting with your target market, and they will let you know what services, workshops and teachings they’re interested in. Because your offerings will all have a focus, students will become repeat customers if they resonate with them. The further you delve into your niche, the more pockets of expansion you’ll see.

5. You’ll become an expert!

When you have a niche, you have the potential of rising to the level of expert. There are thousands of yoga teachers out there, but far fewer who offer hip-hop yoga classes, partner yoga workshops or yoga business advice.

When you have a distinctive style, or approach, you’re setting yourself up to become that top expert.


Cailen Ascher is a yoga entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger. She shares her entrepreneurial advice at www.CALMbiz.com, where you can find social media and biz tips for savvy yogis and budding entrepreneurs looking to pursue their passion, expand their reach and grow their business. Get a copy of her FREE Yoga Biz Resume Guidebook here.



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