September 19, 2012

Do the Thing that Makes You Shine.

This is a time of transition.

For better or worse, the days are deadening their length as our perception of time gets shorter.

We move from nothingness in an expanded window to everything in a matter of, what…hours? How does time move us? And you fall into someone’s arms. How does time change us? That “ah-ha” moment! When we decide yes or no, stay or move forward. And occasionally we feel…joy.

Don’t try to bookmark these moments. They are no less nor more significant than times encompassed with dread.

Don’t place importance on matters insignificant.

Wake up in the morning and sing—or do whatever thing makes you shine.

Don’t scream across the house when you tell someone you love them. Stop, slow down. Look them in the eye and tell them what’s going down.

Give as much as you can and accept the love that others shower on you. Don’t reject these offers of affection.

You are beautiful and special and worthy of the highest decibel of joy.

This is a time of transition. When leaves cry from their branches and orange and die. For now. Every death brings birth. Each loss can be a lesson learned. Keep trading in your cards, but be careful not to misplace your art. “Be at ease with all that is unsolved in your heart,” she tells us, “and learn to love the questions themselves.”

Take a deep breath in. Smell that? It’s called life.

This is a time of transition. If I put my pen to paper, will anything come out? Or will everything? Then, will I clean it up or accept it as my own?

This is a good time, when we’re unsure of what is next. Anything is possible when nothing seems to be. Always start in the middle. Isn’t that the paradox of life? And when you think about this time— this time of transition—what do you see? Am I dressed in green? How about that time when you let yourself do exactly what you wanted to do? How did it feel?

I’m sorry for all of the questions, but I do have a point. Mostly, just, be okay. Right now, when things are so great and so shaky and maybe even wonderful. Do the thing you love when you’re not sure who you are. Don’t lose sight of yourself when others ask you what you are. Be you.

Don’t live life wishing you had done the thing you knew you should have done.

Do it.

Especially if it’s weird.

This is a time of transition.

Editor: Lynn Hasselberger

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