September 21, 2012

Drawing on the Well of Breath. ~ Matt O’Dwyer

It starts with a breath

Just one good breath

The calm begins to wash over

The energy starts to flow

I feel it’s warmth move through my body

I feel it move though my heart and my soul

I drift away

My body left behind

I float

Today to a beautiful pine forest

It smells sweet and a little damp

It’s late, but a little sun is left

I walk to a well

The stars come out

They twinkle and dance in my eyes

I sit on the well and gaze down

Within myself

It’s clear and calm

I’m here

I’m centered

 Matt O’Dwyer. Learning about myself after going through major changes in my life.  Finding my way to inner peace through meditation.


Editor: Edith Lazenby

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Read 3 comments and reply

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