September 28, 2012

Fall into Your Eyes. ~ Capri Kurtz

We want things to be a certain way. We want people or circumstances to change. We want this, that, the other.

All the while our eyes are darting around, gazing softly, concealing our identities or showing off.

Eyes are communicators. They can give, receive, deceive, play, love, defend, attack and so forth.So much of our language is based on body (if we are the lucky majority that have “able bodies”) and much of body language can be within the realm of what the eyes are saying or doing.

A few weeks ago, I rediscovered an awesome photo someone took of my eye and have had the picture open on my desktop screen since. When I get around to it, I’ll print and frame it. It’s so beautiful to me. And it’s all mine.

Lately I’ve been really into myself. Not in a completely vain sense, but in a caring, thorough and genuine way. Why shouldn’t we look at our own eyes as we would another and have that appreciation for the beauty there? When have I ever really had the chance to see this perspective of my physical self? Besides looking into my eyes in a mirror every so often.


Our eyes divide our insides and out. They veil our true self.

But what the hell is true self?

 To me, true self is the part of us who doesn’t judge our world, others and ourselves. It’s the eternal part, here as a blessing, which is made up of star matter (humans are made of the exact same basic ingredients as the stars in the universe).

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes who is, in some way, “socially unacceptable” and seen a spark of familiarity? That’s where truth can be found. Or, perhaps you’ve met with an old flame and upon looking into each other’s eyes, feel things reignite?

That’s where love can be found. It’s everywhere, and comes with different charges, so of course we have to be discriminating. This loving connection of truth is always there if you look for it, if you want to see it.

Depending what our trip is in this life, we can add all sorts of mumbo jumbo to our systems, which heavy the veil. Sometimes it’s hard to see into someone. His or her eyes are sheltered, afraid, disconnected, avoidant, foggy.

In the style of acupuncture that I study and practice, one of our standard physical exam assessments is looking into people’s eyes. Let me tell you, this has nothing to do with cataracts. In this life, I’m constantly looking at and into people’s eyes. Admittedly, like everyone, sometimes I avoid others eyes depending on my mood or circumstance.

What would the world look like if everyone could be mindful of what their eyes were doing in all social interactions, in all functions?

Imagine if you had a conflict or an unresolved issue with someone, then sat face-to-face with them, looking square into each others eyes for 10 minutes. During those skin crawling minutes letting emotions rise and fall meditatively. At the end of that time, the two people would not come out of that situation the same as they came into it. That’s the real juice of the expression “seeing eye to eye.”

The eyes are profound. And feeling so lucky to have my eyes, I chose to admire them. The image of my eye has been a source of inspiration to me.

The colors, the intricacies, the perfect circles. I am a divine creation; we all are.

Seeing my eye daily still surprises me that that’s me. I’m honored to be me. Sometimes I feel trapped in my body. My soul feels like a visitor and there are distinct moments when I realize that fact and it sweeps through me like a flood. The idea that we are just a vessel. We are just beings in these forms like people in space suits that have eyeballs which run a little deeper than everything else visible to the outside. All of us, from the same place, made out of the same thing.

Our eyes? Each totally unique, totally beautiful and vulnerable. My eyes remind me that there’s more to me than I understand, more to others than I understand, more to life than is understood. It’s a humbling reminder that the first place I need to look, everyday, is the exact opposite place than what our bodies set us up for, which is not outside, but inside.

It’s fall, which is the beginning time of year when things shift to YinThe energy of life goes inward to be stored during winter. This seasonal shift, I see it as a good time to recommend everyone to start (if you haven’t yet) looking deeply in and at your own eyes. See yourself for what you are which is a complete masterpiece, a visitor here with a purpose.

Let go of the need to understand and just receive the inspiration.

Let your eyes help empower your days, relationships and the world. Use them wisely, kindly and fearlessly.


Capri Kurtz is working hard/hardly working in Boulder Valley, Colorado as a student acupuncturist in the amazing lineage of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture. Inspired by nature and energized by love and laughter. Striving to evolve I write on my blog,Pilgrimage to Balance, and for fun on twitter @fivelementalife.



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