“I Would Love You Until…”

Via Kate Bartolotta
on Sep 28, 2012
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“And it was at that age…Poetry arrived in search of me.” ~ Pablo Neruda

Sometimes we go out in search of poetry.

Sometimes it comes, unexpectedly, on a rainy day, shared by a friend.

With that, I share this:


My composure is as honest as salty is my throat,

My laughter as false as vivid is my breath,

My masks as real as shattered are my souls,

My lust for you as strong as broken is my faith.

No, I am not trying to show you whom I hide.

I would exaggerate, elaborate or rehearse to hold my acting back

I would abort, pretend or fake my lies

I would be loyal to you until the dawn of times, or cheat on you upon command

I would compromise till the end of the endless end

I would negate I seduced you for forty six lives

Or I would fuck you for one single night

I would do anything you want

I would love you until you loved me back…

~ MG


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About Kate Bartolotta

Kate Bartolotta is a wellness cheerleader, yogini storyteller, and self-care maven. She also writes for Huffington Post, Yoga International, Mantra Yoga+ Health, a beauty full mind, The Good Men Project, The Green Divas, The Body Project, Project Eve, Thought Catalog and Soulseeds. Kate's books are now available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com. She is passionate about helping people fall in love with their lives. You can connect with Kate on Facebook and Instagram.


4 Responses to ““I Would Love You Until…””

  1. karlsaliter says:

    This is beautiful writing. I'm humbled to read such honesty. Rare, and striking

  2. I agree & was thrilled to be allowed to share it!

  3. thelindseyoneill says:

    Rare and striking are the perfect words for this. Gorgeous writing and beautifully authentic self expression. Thanks for sharing this, Kate.

  4. karlsaliter says:

    True Linda.