September 7, 2012

Letting Go of the Self: A Path to Freedom. ~ Julie Klutinoty

Are you operating from old data, paradigms and belief systems?

As humans beings, we are a product of what we have constructed over time. We are an amalgamation of what we have created as a result of the lives we have lived.We are spiritual beings living a human experience in a human body.

Just as our experiences have differences, each one of us is unique too. This is what distinguishes one from another. It is the spice that makes mankind contrast. This is a good thing.

In and of itself, contrast is not a negative concept. However, what do we see when we look at our reaction or the way we respond to the contrast in our lives? What do you notice about your own reaction when confronted with contrast? A confrontation is defined as: a “face to face meeting” with someone, or a comparison.

In this awakening, our conscious mind rises up to meet our subconscious mind.

We, as human beings, are the people we think we are. We are what our thoughts have allowed us to create.

Think about it.

We are who and what we have experienced; we  are what our experiences have meant to us in our lifetime. Over the span of our lives, we are a by-product of our experiences and events that we have manifested and encountered. Our thoughts around those experiences have all gone into the recipe. This is the recipe called self.

For example, think back to a dramatic event which took place when you were a little child. It might have been a joyous event that comes to mind, or it might be a painful memory. Just start by remembering the event, and notice how you feel. After you experienced that dramatic event, it left an imprint in your mind. It also left an imprint in your field of energy. This energy field is your own unique bubble that goes with you wherever you go, and it stays with you always. This is your aura.

As such, when your subconscious mind was imprinted with your interpretation and reaction to this event, it became one of the ingredients to the recipe for who you are now.

Much of our human evolvement is based on the events and experiences from our past. If we have not created our own paradigms, unique thoughts and belief systems about who we are and how we show up in our lives today, then chances are we are living in the past. Meaning, if we have not created our own views and thoughts on life, we are operating from old data, paradigms and belief systems.

These thoughts and beliefs may, in fact, be someone else’s ideas. They may be traditions carried down from our past ancestors, from generations ago.

Who are you? Do you believe the same to be true today? Are these the same beliefs you are choosing for your self today? Are you choosing to live by the belief systems and paradigms adopted by those who lived in a completely different culture and era from the past? What do you think?

The composition of each one of us, our self, is a compilation of the threads of experiences that have been woven through our lifetimes until we have encountered an awakening. In this awakening, our conscious mind rises up to meet our subconscious mind. In this meeting or awakening, we can begin to create our own paradigms for our own unique lives based upon who we are now, at this moment. Or, this is when we can just let it all go.

Let go of what?

Let go of everything you ever thought you knew to be true about life. Past, present and future. This is not an easy task. It usually requires a major life altering experience.

Either way, as we let go of the self, we are surrendering. We are surrendering, or letting go of control. Through this process, it is possible as human beings, to let go of control; it is possible to learn to let go of control, even though mankind has placed great value on control. This is the pathway to living in the moment. It creates an opportunity to be present, an opportunity for us to exist in the present moment.

When we release our self by letting go, by surrendering to life in the present moment—we release control over everything. This includes the forces, the energetic forces, that manipulate the outcome of situations, events and circumstances that are in our every day lives.

Therefore, in order to let go, it is necessary to release the need to cause something to be a particular way. In order to truly let go, it is necessary to simply allow. Allow all things to be,  just as they are. As we allow all things to be, just as they are, we are more able to detach from the outcome of any situation. As we detach from the outcome of our daily situations, we are able to flow with the stream of life. This is the ebb and flow which surrounds us every day. This means when cause and effect happen, we are not influenced; there is no attachment to the outcome. There is no fear, only love.

By allowing all things to be as they are, in whatever state they are in, the process of letting go moves forward. By letting go of the outcome and  allowing all things to be as they are, the desire of the self is lost. In other words, the charge around wanting things to fulfill in our lives is not as strong as it was. Being unplugged means being fluid in life. When we are not influenced by the energetic forces around us, regardless of the source, then we are free.  We are free beings; we are free to live our lives as we desire, moving forward toward the experiences we have come into this life experience to live.


Julie Klutinoty.  With over 30 years in the Healing Arts, Julie is writing about life moving forward into the Age of Aquarius. She has been published in magazines such as 11:11 Magazine and is in the process of publishing her first book.

Editor: Colleen Simpson


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