September 12, 2012

Ode to Self-Destruction. ~ Alison Sheffield

Come into my bed, sweet friend…

let me make you mine.

And I will fill you with me

Untamed desires, beauty unknown,

passion unbound, too-long contained.

I will take you to the edge

and slowly pull you back,

giving you every last drop of my essence.

I will pour myself into your heart,

I will torment your very existence.

I will unleash a delicate fury that will penetrate you to the core…

But, wait…don’t go…

I’ll be good now, I promise.



and let me get you something cool to drink.

Would you like a bite to eat or perhaps the remote?

Don’t mind me,

I’ll just busy myself with darkness.

And now, my love, I will lure you in again…

Let me feed you on the morsels of seduction and lust,

Tantalize and titillate,

acting out your every fantasy…

I am here only for you.

Let me drain you of your senses

and fill you with my fears.

Let me lie close to you and smell the sweat on your skin,

the sadness dripping from your pores.

Let me drink the life from you

to feed my own doubts.

But be careful, love…

let this sleeping bear lie,

for if you poke her, she may wake…

and rip out your very soul.

Come into my bed, new friend…


A.D. Sheffield (but her friends call her Alison) is a little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll.  Leather and lace.  Darkness and light.  She likes long walks on the beach, making love in the moonlight and cheesy clichés.  A lion tamer and warrior woman in a former life, she now devotes her time to being a mom, a meditator and a mean meatball-maker (vegetarian, of course!)  A gypsy by nature, she wanders though this life making friends, holding hands and opening hearts.

Editor: Colleen Simpson


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