Rodney Yee, What Happened?

*Note: the author received this book for free in return to review the said offering. That said, she says what she wants—good or bad, happy or sad.

DVD Review: Rodney Yee’s Core Centered Yoga.


Good points of Rodney Yee‘s Core Centered Yoga DVD:

If you are looking for a few poses with lots of explanation of how to do the (very few) poses, this is for you.

If you are a yoga teacher, especially a newer teacher looking for tips on how to add to the class with extra verbal descriptions on rotation and alignment, this is for you.

But if you are looking for a yoga sequence DVD where you get short little segments that focus on different parts of the body, mainly the core and how to strengthen the core, I think you will be disappointed.

Which brings me to the bad points:

I’m a Rodney fan and enjoy his style of teaching from time to time. He is very calm and thorough, but this DVD seems like it could have been an “extra” to be included in a longer version of a DVD. I can’t believe this is being marketed on its own. It’s a whole lot of talking and there are directions and some of it is good information, but I got the feeling it was more of a workshop on how to rotate your legs in staff pose than a “core centered” yoga video.

Overall I was let down. I don’t recommend this video. If someone came across it and happened to be able to see it…maybe, but to buy it? Nope.


Editor: Seychelles Pitton

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Jan 5, 2013 8:31pm

Thank you Rodney Yee, if it weren't for you (& my best friend gifting your VHS tape), I might not have ever found yoga. Keep on truckin' my fellow yogi & Namaste. Tammy McGee

Vision_Quest2 Sep 26, 2012 2:41pm

Thank you so much for this review.
Not familiar with this type of DVD.
Sequences are the life blood of the home practice (whether active or relaxed) … and with me, for any of the FEW times out of many I decide to switch off to follow an instructor's sequence. …
this sounds like a no-go …

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