September 16, 2012

The Greatest Obstacle to Transformation: Addiction. ~ Matthew Andrews

Addiction prevents us from knowing who we are.

Every human being has the potential, right now or at any given moment, to experience their indwelling divinity. We are each beloved and blessed emanations of cosmic love, children of the highest light. Our ability to experience ourselves this way has the potential to heal seemingly intractable problems such as global warming, war, and extreme disparities that prevent access to basic resources.

The world around us is not the product of other people’s greed, the manipulations of an elite class, corporate autocracy, capitalism, socialism or fundamentalist religions.

We are each creating the world around us in each moment—our thoughts and assumptions emanate out to fill the space around us with action and content. We are all individually responsible for the world that we are creating—and capable of affecting major change. By right use of our will and consciousness, the impact that we could have is beyond comprehension.

Addiction is prevalent in our world in varying degrees of subtlety.

I am referring to all degrees when I speak of addiction as the primary thing that prevents us from knowing who we are.

The most obvious, unsubtle manifestation of addiction is substance abuse. Substances such as alcohol and narcotics significantly weaken the link between our higher spiritual selves and our bodies—similar to changing the channel on a radio so that you get static instead of a clear signal. Our frequency is altered and the connection is weakened.

Other substances, like sugar, nicotine, caffeine and chemical food additives have the same effect, and though more subtle, these substances can reduce the flow of spiritual light into our bodies.

When we have altered our frequency so that less light flows between our higher self and our physical body, we become inherently less free. Because we do not experience the visions and guidance of our deepest heart, we are unable to act on these.

Our actions become responses to our immediate surroundings and stimuli, rather than deep expressions of truth, beauty and dignity.

Beyond substance addiction, we are also addicted to behaviors.

Shopping, eating, sex and television are common examples, but there are many others. Any behavior that becomes compulsive—that we feel we must engage in, or that we have difficulty walking away from—is a behavior that we have become addicted to. These forms of addiction impact our ability to experience the truth of who we are in a similar way to the addictive substances.

The most essential consideration is that when we are engaging in these behaviors, we are not free. We are not making choices. Freedom is our most precious and important birthright as humans, and every time we participate in compulsive behavior we relinquish it, cast it aside.

A still more subtle form of addiction that prevents us from accessing our indwelling divinity is addiction to thoughts and beliefs.

We are infinite beings, and our potential is infinite.

Just as we have developed a way to incinerate an entire city in a second, or fly to the moon, we also have the potential to heal the planet’s carbon imbalance, clean the oceans, feed every child.

As long as our thoughts are inhibited by fixed and limited beliefs, our potential will be unrealized. As long as our energy is directed toward self-preservation, building our fortress, defeating our enemies, it is not available to help in the healing work that is vitally needed at this time.

Beliefs are less subtle than thoughts. Some are formed through conscious intention and alignment, but most are inherited from the world around us—our parents, our peers, celebrities, experts. We also carry karmic belief structures from previous lifetimes, and these are often quite fixed and difficult to clear away.

We unquestioningly absorb them, and then establish them as fixtures within our consciousness, where they determine our thoughts, words, and actions, and ultimately, significantly influence our life circumstances. They inhibit the free flow of divine energy from our higher selves to our embodied selves, and our ability to tune in to the deeper meaning of our lives and receive guidance about how to move forward most effectively.


Thoughts are subtler than beliefs, and less fixed and stable. They are more like notes of music that arise and pass away in our consciousness from moment to moment. Beliefs shape thoughts, but we also receive thoughts from the world around us, similarly to a radio receiving a signal from the radio station. Our thoughts are highly patterned, the patterns being shaped by the kind of energy and information that we take in through our eyes, ears and minds.

Beliefs and thoughts are not inherently bad. Hopeful, affirming, constructive, coordinated, and unifying thoughts and beliefs will heal the Earth and all humankind. Our current addiction to certain beliefs and patterns of thought specifically and powerfully prevents this healing.

Each individual’s personal journey to become free by penetrating and unraveling addiction is unique. It helps to have friends on the journey since being honest with ourselves about whether or not we are aligned with an addictive process is incredibly hard, if not impossible. It also helps to have a guidebook, as the terrain is treacherous and the sun is not always shining on this journey—so it’s easy to get lost.

A powerful resource has been developed to help in the healing of all kinds of addiction in order to increase our individual and collective freedom. Principles of Sacred Consciousness (available here) contains both explicit instruction on how to loosen the grip of addiction, and vibrational support via the healing energy contained in the text.


Matthew Andrews is deeply committed to helping support the birth of a new world where the force of love reigns supreme. He can be reached at Email [email protected].




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