September 21, 2012

What the World Needs Now is More Bieber Fever. ~ Vera Snow

I am the first to complain about television programming for teens.

I can barely stand it. Shows where the parents and teachers are depicted as complete morons or where the parents don’t even exist, yet somehow the kids live in a downtown loft and wear designer clothes are so beyond reality that I begin to wonder if my kids will ever want to work.

And why should they? Everything they see in the media today is about slacking off, doing nothing, yet living off the manna that somehow magically sustains their “have it all” lifestyle.

How my daughter talked me into watching the Justin Bieber movie “Never Say Never” with her, I’ll never know. I suppose being asked to do anything with my 14-year-old daughter is an opportunity I didn’t want to miss, besides I was curious about all the hype surrounding this child star.

I assumed he was just another Disney formulated star but boy, was I wrong.

First of all, the kid isn’t even American, he’s Canadian. Second, he comes from nothing, and actually has talent. Yes, it’s true. The movie brought me to tears on several occasions as his single, teenaged mom and supportive grand parents just shrug their shoulders in disbelief as this child continues to rise to super stardom via his own will and hard work.

It was obvious that they never pushed or dangled him in front of anyone; they just stood by him as he made his own way. I admit, the kid is contagious. It’s hard not to want him to succeed, because all he wants to do is sing and perform and bring joy to his fans.

Not only that, the movie shows him on tour where he actually damages his vocal chords, and has to sit out a few concerts which pains him because he hates to let down his fans.

Who is this kid, and why don’t we have politicians like this who give it their all just for the joy of it?

In fact, some people from Justin’s crew are shown walking through neighborhoods giving away front row tickets to hysterical teenaged girls. The tour manager even comments that this is his favorite part of the job. What is going on here? Is this some kind of “feel good” movement?

Well, whatever it is, I’m all for it!  The cynical side of me believes that it will take a whole lot of Justin Biebers to make a difference in our world today, but at the rate this kid is going, all he has to do is keep doing what he loves and the rest will follow. A child who came from nothing, doing what he loves and changing the social landscape of a world that has forgotten for the moment that joy begets joy? Sounds like a familiar story and not one to be underestimated, so if you get a chance to watch “Never Say Never” with your kids, do it. Who knows, if enough of us see it, we might become part of the fever too!

There’s a creative change in the air. Some call it “The Shift,” and others see it as a renaissance. How do you see it? And what are you doing to support and encourage it in yourself, others and the world around you? Please share.

Vera Snow finds the mystical in just about everything but is particularly mindful of it when it comes to pop-culture.


Editor: Anne Clendening

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