10 Unexpected Fair Trade Certified Products.

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on Oct 1, 2012
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October is Fair Trade Month.

It’s a time to celebrate all of the good that we have done for farmers and workers through Fair Trade so step up our commitment as consumers so that it will continue to thrive.  Maybe someday it will become as common as organics, or even the new norm?!

If you’re not quite sure how Fair Trade works, take a detour and head over to Fair Trade USA’s website for a quick overview.

Fair Trade Month is also a great time to highlight the diverse range of Fair Trade Certified products that are available in more than 100,000 retail locations in North America. That’s right, Fair Trade is so much more than just coffee, cocoa and tea! Here are some awesome Fair Trade Certified products that might surprise you:


1.       prAna’s Fair Trade Certified clothing

PrAna was one of the first brands to partner with Fair Trade USA to bring Fair Trade to the apparel industry. Not only does the program support cotton farmers, it also brings safer working conditions, community development funds and freedom of association to factory workers.

2.       Popcorn, Indiana Drizzled Cinnamon Sugar Kettlecorn

This beyond-delicious popcorn is sweetened with Fair Trade Certified cinnamon and sugar. My mouth is watering just writing about it. Can’t. Stop. Eating it.

3.       Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice

Okay, I had to mention one coffee, but only because it’s a limited edition that makes a special appearance every Fair Trade Month. You can order it in bagged or K-Cup form from Green Mountain Coffee.

4.       Runa Guayusa

Have you heard about the new tea in town? It has almost as much caffeine as coffee, but it gives you “focused energy” that is perfect for studying, writing and checking items off you to-do list.  It comes from an indigenous tribe in the Ecuadorian Amazon with an incredible story.

5.       Madhava Agave

Seems like agave is the hottest sweetener among the health conscious. It’s 1.4 times sweeter than sugar so you can use less and save calories (and support farming communities). Look for Fair Trade Certified Agave syrup from Madhava. Perhaps Fair Trade Certified tequila is on the horizon?

6.       FAIR. Spirits

Yes, Fair Trade spirits are real. And quinoa vodka does exist. It’s made from Fair Trade Certified quinoa from Bolivia. Drink responsibly!

7.       Roses at Whole Foods

Did you know that almost all of the roses sold in the United States come from Colombia and Ecuador? The flower industry is largely supported by women who are working in tough conditions with lots of pesticides. Fair Trade ensures safe working conditions, reduced chemical usage and better wages. Make sure you tell the story when you give these roses away for maximum impact.

8.       Senda Soccer Balls

Make your game a little fairer with a Fair Trade Certified soccer ball. Fair Trade ensures that all workers in the supply chain – factory workers and stitchers—receive at least the national minimum wage and work in safe conditions.

9.       Hand-in-Hand Soap

Clean up your act with a bar of Fair Trade Certified soap, like this one from Hand-in-Hand. It’s made with Fair Trade cocoa butter, smells amazing and for every bar you buy, another bar is donated to kids and families who need it (like orphanages in Haiti—how cool is that?).

10.   Badger Balm Lip Balm

Put your money where your mouth is. These amazing lip balms from Badger Balm are made with Fair Trade Certified cocoa butter and are packed with antioxidants for a beautiful smile.


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4 Responses to “10 Unexpected Fair Trade Certified Products.”

  1. Muks says:

    Thanks for posting a number of products I can buy as Fairtrade. I decided not to buy Fairtrade products though, because a lot of the money made with the price increase does not arrive on the producers' site and because market inefficiencies are created. If a few selected farmers are paid higher prices, the majority of farmers will end up with even less money and probably worse conditions.

    I am very uncomfortable with the idea that the US and EU have structures in place that cause and keep a lot of poverty in the world, but the private consumer can go ahead and buy a clear concience. The best thing I can do is to stay well away of Fairtrade products.

  2. Barbara says:

    that was all very "sweet stuff" but we need fair trade and organic on real food stuff and even coffee.

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