October 10, 2012

21st Century Yoga Online Book Club.

21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics, and Practice is a path-breaking collection of essays on contemporary North American yoga and its relationship to issues including commercialism, community, spirituality, politics, body image, addiction recovery, and “enlightenment 2.0.”

Co-edited by elephant journal columnist Carol Horton and “It’s All Yoga, Baby” doyenne Roseanne Harvey, contributors include popular elephant writers Matthew Remksi, Julian Walker, Melanie Klein, Chelsea Roff, and Tommy Rosen; Buddhist teacher/practitioners Michael Stone, Nathan Thompson, and Frank Jude Boccio; spiritual activist and Tikkkun columnist Be Scofield; and advanced Ashtangi Angela Jamison.

Elephant journal is hosting on online book club to facilitate discussion of the many issues raised in the book. It features posts by 21st Century Yoga contributors, as well as a series of Where is My Guru (WIMG) interview podcasts with them. We invite you to buy a copy of 21st Century Yoga (available on its eStore or via Amazon), read it, and join us! (schedule subject to change):

10/16: 21st Century Yoga: An Interview with Carol Horton & Roseanne Harvey (WIMG podcast)

10/18: Introducing 21st Century Yoga: From Blogging to Book & Back Again ~ Carol Horton

10/22: Mindfully Connecting Yoga & Politics: Michael Stone on the Occupy Movement & the Power of Imagination (WIMG podcast)

11/12: Yoga’s 21st Century Facelift & the Myth of the Perfect Ass(ana) ~ Melanie Klein

11/19: Countercultural Yoga & the the “Body Beautiful”: An Interview with Melanie Klein & Frank Jude Boccio (WIMG podcast)

12/3: Questioning the “Body Beautiful”: Yoga, Commercialism, and Discernment ~ Frank Jude Boccio

12/10: Marketing Yoga Without a Hot Barbie Body: Challenges & Opportunities ~ Carol Horton

1/23: “Making Music with Breath and Body”: An Interview with Sarit Z. Rogers ~ Carol Horton

2/22: Paying the Rent: Challenges of the Yoga Studio in Commercial Culture ~ Angela Jamison & Matthew Remski (WIMG podcast)

2/27: How Yoga Messed With My Mind ~ Angela Jamison

3/1: Yoga and Recovery: An Interview with Tommy Rosen & Chelsea Roff (WIMG podcast)

3/7: Enlightenment 2.0: The American Yoga Experiment ~ Julian Walker

You can also read independent reviews of 21st Century Yoga via the book website.

This is a great opportunity to grow the conversation about what’s happening with yoga in North America today. But to make it happen, we need your voice. So buy the book, start reading, and join the discussion!


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Jocur Barbie Mar 30, 2014 2:10pm

We practice changing the position of our body a lot in yoga. Sometimes this change causes us to lose balance for a moment, but we learn to find grounding again quickly. When we get reassigned to a new project or promoted to a new role, we can access the same inner stability we found on the mat and taking deep, even breaths.

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Carol Horton

Carol Horton, Ph.D. is the author of Race and the Making of American Liberalism, (Oxford University Press, 2005) and Yoga Ph.D.: Integrating the Life of the Mind and the Wisdom of the Body. With Roseanne Harvey, she is co-editor of 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics, and Practice.

Carol blogs at Think Body Electric, and enjoys social media via Facebook and Twitter.