October 28, 2012

Alpha Female. ~ Crystal Clarkson

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The Dance

In the end if they succeed together, he will be put on the pedestal by her—one that he deserves because, to show the alpha female how to embrace her feminine and feel safe in it, is an experience only fit for a king.

To be the man in a relationship with an alpha female is an accomplishment not too many can uphold.

She can be strong, decisive and take care of a lot of the things in life without the help of a man. She is independent, self-sufficient and reliable; she doesn’t need a man in her life to survive. However, this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a strong desire to have a man in her life, to be decisive and reliable, at her side.

It is a rare man that has the ability to encourage her to know romance and passion in ways she desires to surrender to.

It is natural for this type of woman to step into the “male role” if, in fact, the man does not. She does this out of instinct; she is a survivor this way. There is no way that the alpha female will relinquish this space for him without the presence of a man that she trusts. It is up to him to show her that she can trust him to be this, so that she will leave space for him.

Through his consistent actions, she will come to trust that she can let her masculine guard down and allow the alpha female side of her to rest and be passive for her man. Taking the initiative to show her that she can rely on him is where the trusts allows her to be free and feel like her truest self.

It takes a man to be masculine and strong. At the same time, masculine means that he knows how and has the courage to keep himself open, be exposed and vulnerable with his chosen alpha female. In the presence of an independent, sexy, action orientated woman he must be prepared, as she will naturally encourage him to take stock of his masculinity. It is only then that she has the ability to embrace the vulnerability of being feminine with him whom she trusts.


In love with all that expresses vitality, energy, warmth and freedom in life Crystal Clarkson is entrepreneurial, ambitious and soulful. In love with exploring, traveling and anything active and athletic her days are not full without the experience of contributing to the development of her clients “visions and dreams” in the corporate business environments.

All of this underlies the truth of which her intention that is to assist people in truly just knowing who they are and how to “enjoy” this experience of life to its fullest. A closet philosopher, and writer who is breaking out of her unexposed shell to share the “insights with you globally” with her writing she encourages you to take what is best for you and just leave the rest!


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