October 29, 2012

Attend to the Fire of Your Desire. ~ Marlena Rich

We cannot achieve more in life than what we believe in our heart of hearts we deserve to have.  ~ James R. Ball

Heart of hearts—what is at the center of our heart? What do we truly believe? What is really true?

Many of us go through life thinking we believe one way—yet, wear a sign on our back visible to everyone except us, which states our false identities, which have nothing to do with our actual truth about the individual we were born to become.

When young, a fearful situation might have frozen a belief into a pattern that goes something like: I don’t deserve or I’m not good enough or I’m un-loveable, and so on. The message on our back influences the way the world responds to us, no matter what camouflage we work to employ.

Somewhere underneath is the passionate resonance that reveals the truth of who we actually are. Finding this core essence, and then actually believing in this awesome reality, can be the most difficult life task we encounter—and the most fulfilling. 

Simply being at the center of what is in relationship to who you came in to be, appreciating all ways this is manifested—past, present, future—assures the self-healing process, and contributes to a richly satisfying life.  Inside the knowing and trusting that the benevolent universe provides all necessary love and support for the process of becoming who we were born to become, we can dare to dream in the life we elect. Residing in that place of knowing, even without actually being clear about specifics, but grasping a sense of being on track with one’s purpose, is the start toward taking responsibility for what manifests in each aspect of life.

“Wisdom includes accurately assessing and serenely accepting the things we can’t change, and finding the courage to continue pursuing our goals in alignment with our deepest purpose, especially when faced with adversity. Recent studies also suggest a correlation between our tenure on the planet and the depth of our wisdom,” say Michael J. Gelb and Kelly Howell in Brain Power, Improve Your Mind as You Age.

We can use our deep desire as a guide for tracking our essential purpose in life—yet, remaining tuned into our yearning can be an evasive challenge if we are plugged in too tightly to the “shoulds” of life. Nurturing the flame of desire is a beautiful and worthy challenge we all too often ignore. Fanning the smolder, without letting it burn out of control, is a lifelong balancing track. Yet, carefully guiding our inherent magnetism, yearning for love, partnership and purposeful passion is what I see as the key to a radiantly generative life.

Chaos always precedes transformational shifts. It is critical to develop skills and the patience to ride the turbulent wave like a surfer in a tempest. This adventurous opportunity can carve our cavernous capacity for compassion, while our extraneous layers are peeled away. What remains is the pure essence of our humanity, and the wisdom to generate self-forgiveness—opening the door to opportunity that is way beyond coping with a sub-optimal status quo.

Unlimited by ego’s fearful holding of a position, belief, person, situation or need to be right, we are instead free to enjoy—trusting the journey into the stratospheric rapture that love engenders. Feeling into the depth of desire with radical faith in its pulse, surrender to life as it emerges in organic evolution.

Let us allow desire to direct our every thought, action and intention, while holding a clear vision for our life. Let’s own deserving. Choose love in every moment, every situation and every opportunity to step away from past unconscious patterns that didn’t serve. Let us open to realms beyond conception—discovering continuous portals to states of being—pure bliss. Let’s seek to enliven the creative, resonant field around us that vibrates with harmonics.

Therein lies the invitation for universal life force energy to propel magnificent manifestation in service to vision and full essential expression.


Editor: Nikki Di Virgili

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