“Cancer Took My Breasts But Will Never Take My Dignity.” {Nudity} ~ Yulady Saluti (Photographed by Robert Sturman)

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on Oct 17, 2012
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Cancer is a thief.  Untreated most types of cancer will kill you.  It will steal your health and generally your spirit.  Here sits a woman, Yulady Saluti, that refused to fall prey.  Instead of allowing cancer to take from her, she took from it.  Captured by Robert Sturman in these photographs, Yulady’s poise and grace shine like the sun.  Yulady is a mother of six, loving wife and yoga teacher.  Although cancer took her breasts and multiple lymph nodes from her right arm, she refused to allow it to take anything more.  Instead, Yulady has been campaigning to educate women about her experience.  She has touched thousands of women, imploring them to “check their tatas!”


“Hello cancer, thanks for the scars, now it’s my turn and as you can see I am a cancer warrior.”


“I am a breast cancer survivor, shall we dance?”


“Cancer has scarred my body but not my heart and not my soul.”


These images were originally published in an article on Rebelle Society.

Yulady is a regular contributor to Elephant Journal. Check out her library here.

Robert Sturman’s work can be followed on Facebook.

This post is devoted to all of the lives affected by breast cancer.

May the cure be found soon.




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16 Responses to ““Cancer Took My Breasts But Will Never Take My Dignity.” {Nudity} ~ Yulady Saluti (Photographed by Robert Sturman)”

  1. dearbhla says:


  2. Heather says:

    Beautiful and daring and so necessary. Please create a book of loving photos. It's a great project.

  3. Mamaste says:

    Cancer will NEVER define my friend. This is just an obstacle that Yulady was faced with. Yes, WAS. She's finished chemo & is ready to put that part of her life behind her. Yulady has taught us a lesson in grace and dignity. She has also taught us how to be a warrior., a REAL warrior! With a prince (Jerry) right behind her. You Go Girl!!!!! Mad LOVE! xoxoxo

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  5. Aja says:

    Damn woman, you are f***ing beautiful!

  6. nunh says:

    You are awesome and very inspiring to myself – thank you brave one!

  7. @undefined says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. Making art with Robert was quiet an experience. I feel so lucky to be able to share my story thru the eyes of such an amazing artist and now friend.

  8. Muks says:

    You are beautiful, love!

  9. Brigid says:

    Beauty, strength, courage, all come to Mind. Glad to see such an awesome
    Woman! I begin specialized yoga teacher training for those going through chemo and radiation, as well as survivors, next month. Inspirational
    To see, and surely will give many strength to not let cancer scar their soul!!!

  10. Melissa Murray says:

    You are an amazing, beautiful and inspiring woman, and I wish you beauty and health for years to come! I have faced some huge health issues myself, and can only hope that I've done it with half the grace and strength that these pictures show that you have. xox

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  14. Tasha says:

    I pray we all have your strength, beauty and grace in dealing with the challenges in our lives! Blessings to you and your family!

  15. Elise says:

    Wow. What a magnificently beautiful, regal woman.