October 8, 2012

Choose your own Adventure.

Maybe Love.

We’ve all had that experience. We meet someone we find beautiful, grounded, charming, caring, someone who lights up the pilot light within us and cooks and bubbles our inner joy…and we don’t act, we don’t step forward, we just wonder as we slide back into the inertia, the stream of our karma, our life as it was, which becomes our life as it is…

…or maybe, we stay in touch, and we get to know, and we become friends, and we kiss. And maybe she’ll hold me on the dark days, and I’ll do the same for her. Maybe.

Info on filmmaker via friend of friend on FB:   It is one of the films in the Virgin Media Shorts Competition which they do every year. I have not yet seen all the films yet for this year, I will do soon but I do get invited to their pardee and short film shenanigans in November. The filmmaker is Manchester based and he is on Twitter < https://twitter.com/JohnTheGrey > and has a Vimeo page too < https://vimeo.com/johngrey >. Cheers me dears, Dawn x [Dazzle Films (UK) – Short Film Label]

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Read 4 comments and reply

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