October 26, 2012

Do You Have Soul? ~ Marlena Rich

The concept of soul is far under-discussed, underrated and sequestered within the category of “religious dogma.”

However, in the very real everyday sense, our soul supplies the driving force behind the pursuit of destiny, the passionate resonance that draws us close to individuals, organizations and the natural world, all meant to instruct our path.

Do you ever wonder what it is that makes some people radically successful, while others just kind of get along?

I believe Robert Moss hits the nail on the head in his book, Dreaming the Soul Back Home.

He associates soul loss with the psychological term dissociation, which occurs whenever there is trauma, abuse or challenging life situations. Most of us don’t go through life without some measure of trauma and the size of it doesn’t matter.

The fact is, where there is pain, there is temptation for a small part of us, our soul fragments, to take off in avoidance and protection of the most tender parts of ourselves.

I believe that recovering these missing parts is the key to living a healthy, dynamic, fruitful and fulfilling life that is on track with one’s destiny.

“Again and again, in dreams,” Moss writes, “our higher or greater self comes stalking us…in order to be whole and well, we must find the means of soul recovery.”

He shows us how dreams reveal levels and aspects of the psyche that may be dormant or missing from waking consciousness and trains us to see messages in dreams, and each aspect of our waking life, too.

“If we deny the wishes of the soul, then soul will become disgusted and withdraw vital energy from our lives,” writes Moss. “We’ll become prone to illness and misfortune. Following the secret wishes of the soul, on the other hand, can return us to the natural path of our energies and restore vitality, good health and good fortune.”

Robert Moss provides a clear set of instructions on how nearly anyone can use dreaming, sleeping and intentional lucid day dreaming, to relocate and recover these missing parts. Remarkably, it isn’t difficult or even complicated and I had the experience myself, very recently.

I am jubilant and radically grateful to Moss’ commitment to delivering ancient practices to modern mankind as practical solutions to age old problems.

Dreaming the Soul Back Home is filled with history and examples, representing a lifetime of academic and practical research that brings the information home in an easily digestible way which is fascinating and profound. Complete with exercises designed to empower us to become the shamans of our own souls, Moss offers practical advice and insights based on a multitude of experience as a dreamer and teacher.

His own remarkable story includes three near death experiences in childhood that opened a gateway to the wisdom of dreams which was supported and extended by the Aborigines of his native Australia and dream teachers of the ancient Mohawk tribe, near his American home in upstate New York.

Dreaming the Soul Back Home expands the spectrum of healing modalities available today and I wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful book to anyone interested in living a rich and satisfying life.


Editor: Bryonie Wise

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