Equinox Yoga: Briohny is back, with Husband Dice Iida-Klein. {AcroYoga Video}

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on Oct 15, 2012
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CAUTION: Acro Yoga can lead to baby making…at least in our case.

That’s not to say that you have to be lovers or in a relationship to fly or base with another human being. Most definitely not! Acro yoga is just another way to open the lines of communication via the voice and body, learn about yourself and another, and have a great experience with someone other than yourself.

We’ve had the privilege to travel the world together, teaching workshops, leading retreats and now leading teacher trainings. Though we’re together most of the time, finding the freedom to truly enjoy one another can be a difficult thing.

Acro yoga/partner yoga has allowed the both of us to communicate better, but more importantly find a deeper appreciation for the different, yet similar people we are. ~ Dice & Briohny

For the original, gone-viral Equinox Video—the biggest yoga video in digitial history to reach beyond the choir—click here.


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12 Responses to “Equinox Yoga: Briohny is back, with Husband Dice Iida-Klein. {AcroYoga Video}”

  1. kate says:

    how lovely. so much trust.

  2. Lyn Haigh says:

    I found watching this erotic and sexual – yet pure. Much more so than any sex scene in a movie. Watching this was like watching people truly connect. It was beautiful.

  3. Vision_Quest2 says:

    Maybe this was unintended by Equinox, but I find that repeated desensitizations to these images caused in me a ho-hum reaction … they may have been trying to go for a lust and covertousness reaction of a different sort

    Or, this, from Blisstree:

    "[Bianca Kosoy] hired controversial photographer Terry Richardson to shoot Equinox’s ad campaigns. In case you missed these sexist ads, check them out. They do anything but portray women as strong, powerful, athletic beings. In fact, their ads clearly degrade and sexualize women. The guys, on the other hand, are always shown with sculpted, muscular physiques. It’s perpetuating the double standard, for sure.

    But Ms. Kosoy doesn’t seem to care:

    The campaign is a gatekeeper. We know we’re not for everyone. Either you get it or you don’t.

    [In another part of the article, she claims that Equinox is full of it, anyhow]

    Surely, some kind of proof that my practice must have advanced … nobody can take away the centeredness I do feel after doing unadulterated yoga … and the more fancy stuff I "try" to do that I'm not ready for, the centeredness goes a little south …

  4. Shreds says:

    Just a reminder, sorry to seem cynical… If I wanted to become an Equinox member right now and have a pass to their gyms nationwide it would could me $502.45. This is Oct dues, Nov dues, and an initiation fee. $502.45 … … …

  5. Vision_Quest2 says:

    Are you located anywhere near a Town Sports International gym? You get practically all the same bells and whistles at a fraction of that price for 2 months, no-commit. Of course, they don't have that Cirque du Soleil stuff in their yoga classes, but I've survived 4 yoga studios (of a possible 5) that have offered those kinds of acrobatics and hardly picked up any acrobatic skills ….

  6. Katherine says:

    incredibly sexy and beautiful, I'll take it at face value. Love.

  7. earthsky23 says:

    realization of human potential … :~))) ………

  8. greateacher says:

    I dont have acces somehow.. I see a black square and no amount of clicking changes that. Darn

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