October 3, 2012

Find Your Voice. ~ Adri Kyser

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After all this time, I finally found it.

I have been struggling with finding my voice in my personal life for a while, but I am happy to say I have found it. I’m finally able to express myself, set healthy boundaries and feel empowered.

The beautiful part is that the more I practice, the easier it becomes to speak from my heart without fears and limitations. You would think that as a yoga teacher for many years now, who stands in front of people on a daily basis, I would not have problems expressing myself…but I did.

I did not express myself out of fear and false beliefs imbedded in my subconscious. I know I am not the only person that has struggled with expressing himself or herself freely and fearlessly and this is why I feel compelled to share with you.

Over the years I have met and continue to meet people that somehow have lost their power to speak their truth. The reasons have always been different but the result has been always the same: Disempowerment.

When I teach, I have always found the right words. I feel strong and confident about what I am teaching, what I want to say and what I am trying to invoke in class. However, when I spoke out of the classroom or out of the comfort of my home, I lacked the ability to express myself confidently.

Sadly, when we can’t express ourselves, our feelings, thoughts and beliefs, we start to lose our sense of inner power. Our throat chakra becomes imbalanced and blockages in this area can occur. We feel disconnected, unheard and helpless.

I had to do a lot of spiritual and emotional work to be able to reconnect with my inner strength. It was not always easy, nor did it have immediate results, but the pay off has been very transformative and empowering.

I have always admired people that were not afraid to say how they felt, what they had in their minds and to speak up when necessary. I love to see people find ways of self expression either through their work, clothes, music and so on.

Deep within, I knew that all of us had the ability to do this, but somehow we lost it either partially or completely.

Dwelling in the past and trying to figure out why, where or when you lost your voice no longer matters. What matters is what you can do now to change it.

Everyone is different and their healing process may be diverse and unique. At the beginning, as you begin to speak up, you may feel awkward. You may feel you were too harsh or that others will judge you for saying what you needed to say. But as you continue with the process you begin to feel more comfortable; you feel more confident and capable of being heard.

We all have a mission, a dharma and purpose. We were given a voice, a way to express our uniqueness, our gifts and talents. When we don’t express ourselves freely and fearlessly, we are doing a disservice not only to ourselves but also to those that are seeking our help, our specific talents and gifts.

To quote one of my favorite songs at the moment…

“If you love it like I love it and you feel what I feel inside,

If you want it like I want it, then baby let’s get it tonight,

If you feel it say hell yeah, hell yeah!

Say hell yeah, hell yeah!”

So go on, reclaim your voice and share your gifts and talents. Express and empower yourself!

If not now, when?


Adri is a Global Vinyasa, Prana Flow yoga teacher, and Power Pilates instructor with over 1800 hours of training and extensive experience. Thanks to her extensive studies and continuos trainings, she has created a unique approach on how she teaches yoga. Adri’s mission is to help you awaken and reconnect with your Inner Beauty helping you live your life to your fullest potential.

Adri is the Co-Founder and Director of Maha Shakti Teacher training program and a Founding Teacher for the One Yoga USA Teacher Training Program. In addition, Adri is one of the few yoga teacher approved by Shiva Rea to lead Prana Flow modules in the US and abroad. She also has been featured in Elephant Journal, Yoganonymous, Origin Magazine, YogaVibes, Yogitunes, and Learn it Live.

You can find Adri sharing her passion for yoga by leading master classes, workshops, teacher trainings and retreats in the Dallas area and abroad. For more information please visit www.innerbeautyyoga.com


Editor: Elysha Anderson


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