October 29, 2012

“If There Was Ever a Wake-up Call, This Is It.” ~ Bill McKibben on Hurricane Sandy {Video}

Image: Frankenstorm on Facebook

There has been a climate silence.

Eerily left out of the presidential debate—the first time since 1984!—the truth behind climate change may be making itself known in an unprecedented “frankenstorm.”

It’s really important that everybody, even those who aren’t in the kind of path of this storm, reflect about what it means that in the warmest year in U.S. history, … in a year when we saw, essentially, summer sea ice in the Arctic just vanish before our eyes, what it means that we’re now seeing storms of this unprecedented magnitude.”

~ Bill McKibben

A special shout-out to my in-laws on Long Island who we’ve been trying to contact today: Hope you’re safe!

My thoughts are with everyone in the path of this storm, which is hopefully just over-hyped.

In the video below, Amy Goodman talks to Bill McKibben and others about climate change’s connection to Hurricane Sandy.

(Skip ahead to the 14-minute mark for the meat of the video be sure to stay-tuned for a clip of Mitt Romney ridiculing the idea of rising sea levels.)

Watch the 2008 Walk the Talk Show with Bill McKibben.

Bonus video:

On a lighter note…

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