October 2, 2012

Jyotish Transits & Horoscopes for 9.30 to 10.15.








 Transits for September 30th – October 15th

“We do not have to improve ourselves; we just have to let go of what blocks our heart.”
~ Jack Kornfield

Surya (Sun) in Virgo, moving through Hasta nakshatra and into Chitra on 10.10. Goes debilitated in Libra on 10.16.

Chandra (Moon) now waning (dark half). Moon exalted 10.3-10.5. For daily Chandra nakshatra updates, go to my FB page.

Mangal (Mars) now in its own sign of Scorpio transiting Vishaka nakshatra and moves to Anuradha on 10.3.

Guru (Jupiter) in Taurus in Rohini nakshatra. Goes retrograde on 10.4 until 1.30.

Shukra (Venus) in Leo transiting Magha nakshatra, moves to Purvaphalguni on 10.9.

Sani (Saturn) exalted in Libra transiting Chitra nakshatra and moves to Swati nakshatra on 10.11.

Budha (Mercury) sandhi in Libra on 10.2 and transiting Chitra nakshatra, Swati on 10.5 and Vishaka on 10.16.

Rahu in Scorpio, debilitated. Sitting in Anuradha nakshatra.

Ketu in Taurus, debilitated. Sitting in Krittika Nakshatra.

We are entering a phase transition, as they call it, this week. Multiple planets changing multiple signs all together. These next few weeks will feel like you are moving, rearranging furniture, and then putting it back in your house with some sort of fresh start, a new feeling. Dust off the cobwebs and put a fresh vase of flowers on the table.

All this planetary fluster happens to be quite apropos as it coincides with the subtle fall briskness that has gently ascended upon us. These are the breezes that stir our heart longings and ask us to do more with our life. If we ignore them, neglect the changes, forget the heart pull, then we begin (or continue) the stumble down the dark alley of misery and sadness with unfulfilled goals, dreams and desires. The planets are perfectly aligned for this “house cleaning” right now if we choose to step up to their challenge.

Whenever change sets in, a certain discomfort can set in as well. There is disorientation, like we are spinning around and around in an office chair and seemingly getting no where except dizzy. This dance of change asks us to create a new sense of proprioception for ourselves. Where are we finding balance now? How do we find a sense of balance within the disorientation? How can we ground and also surrender to the change? Fall is the perfect time to assess, re-asses, take stock and create change in our lives.

Like falling leaves, dying to be reborn
I dance.
Falling, back and through
with pieces of you
that last,
at last.
Pieces that crash.
The dance.
Shreds of the past.
Endings unravel.
Like falling leaves, dying to be reborn.
I dance.

We start October with Mercury moving to Libra where it will be transiting across exalted Saturn on 10.4. Moving from Chitra nakshatra (which has to do with building and planning) and into Swati nakshatra which brings movement and the foundation required for the building to take place. Look for movement and change with your communications, networks and commerce.

Sun is currently in Virgo and sits in Hasta nakshtara. Hasta relates to the dawn, the awakening, and brings insight. There’s usually an association with hands and especially magical powers with the hands. On 10.10, Sun moves to Chitra nakshatra which has more to do with building and the divine architect, Vishvakarma. The Sun moves to debilitation in Libra on 10.16. Now is the time to awaken the soul and let the stirrings of your spirit come to the surface. As you put your Soul Work into action after 10.16, there may be challenges due to the debilitation of the Sun. It will require us to put emphasis and power into action even if it feels new and misdirected, or extra difficult. Look for issues with ego in your self and with others.

Jupiter still sits in Taurus and is now transiting Rohini nakshatra, connected to lord Brahma and is associated with the creation process as a result (Lord Brahma created the universe). There is a sense of cultivation, fertility and ripening with Rohini and Jupiter is known for his expansive qualities anyway, so we get double duty here. However, Jupiter goes retrograde on 10.4 until 1.30—essentially four months of going backwards and sifting out the past as it pertains to Jupiter. Sitting in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus, I sense that we need to have the same conversations we had this summer when Jupiter, Ketu and Venus were all hanging out in Taurus for months, wreaking havoc on our hearts, our relationships and the forces of love flowing through and around us. Do we have to go back there?! Nature says: Yes. Retrograde Jupiter brings the essence of  “clean up crew” with it. So there will be elements of clean-up around relationships, with the women in our lives, our ideals and desires around beauty and comfort. We will be taught something new this round. Keep your eyes open and your ears alert.

Jupiter is sitting with Ketu still and Ketu is in a nakshatra, Krittika, that has to do with cutting, burning, clarifying and purification. Perfect, since these are attributes of Ketu anyway. So trust that this process of retrograde Jupiter, sitting with Ketu, is for your enlightenment, moving you out of your crazy attachments, pushing you towards a higher purpose. Ultimately, you will be in a process of creation/recreation, which for some will bring material gains, others loss, and for most, a bit of both. The trick here will be to see all the many forms of Ketu’s blessings.

Venus is now in Leo and sitting in Magha nakshatra and moves to Purvaphalguni on 10.9. Magha has to do with ancestors, particularly the fathers lineage. Where is your power coming from and how are you using it? What issues with power are present and how is your connection to your masculine self working for you? Now is the time to sift through the correlation between your wealth and creative potential as it relates to your father/fathers lineage and your masculine power self. On 10.9, this passionate, creative focus will shift towards your relationships: how is your power and passion serving you and others in your relationships? What sustains relationships for you—especially sexually?

Mars is now in its own sign of Scorpio and will be sitting with Rahu these next few months as a result. Mars moves from Vishaka (creating alliances, finding support) and moves to Anuradha nakshatra on 10.3 which brings greater friendships, alliances, wealth and notoriety through friendship connections. Anuradha is also known for its ability to attend to fine detail, often getting lost there. Rahu is also sitting in Anuradha nakshatra currently. This Rahu/Mars connection for the next few months could make these attributes a bit fastidious, obsessive, enraged or troublesome. Many may make some brilliant, lasting connections that help move them forward in life and expand their work in a larger way. Others will self destruct, perhaps implode. Relax into networking. Ask the universe for connections, friendships and resources that help you align with your higher purpose. Learn to delegate. Take time for just the Self. Use this time for meditation and great insight.

Aries: Dress like a purple octopus and let your tentacles grab innocent bystanders. Occasionally squirt them with ink. Create an art car submarine, paint it yellow and name it the Star Ship. Use a megaphone and offer bad fashion advice while wearing a name tag that says “Fashion Guru.” Sprint laps in dark alleyways and recite poetry to your Self. Listen to April in Paris on repeat and sing it off key.

Taurus: Name your Self after a rose. Sleep with a dog and get fleas then tell everyone how you got rid of them. Find a distrustful guru who goes by the name “Captain.” Marry a snake, pretend you’re in love, then declare your self a relationship counselor after the divorce. Rename your home Buenos Aires and pretend it’s Carnaval. Prune your feathers and wear excessive pink. Write a comic strip targeting monkeys. Invite the queen to high tea.

Gemini: Turn a light on in your heart. Wear purple gloves. Create a healing sanctuary in your attic. Speak in slurs and stutters. Make friends with lizards. Wear an invisible cloak and grant wishes to your enemies. Paint with broad brush strokes and sell your work to strangers. Use the profit money to go to an Island in the South Pacific. Fall in love with a local. Drink coconut water beachside and write postcards to your mom.

Cancer: Write love letters to your self by candlelight. Send them to strangers sealed with a kiss. Text random numbers positive affirmations. Sign them simply: With love, your own heart. Stand in front of a school yard and sing your favorite songs through the fence to screaming children. Cut out circles and create a mini galaxy. Be sure to use colors, glue sticks, a variety of sizes/shapes and let your imagination explode like a shooting star. Paint a giant, red X on the moon and write “You are here.” Put on a cloak and wear the hood—in public. Have a re-birth when you take it off.

Leo: Sing love songs off key on mass transit. Write business cards with witty satire and poetic puns and leave them on toilets and in filthy gutters. Get a dragon tattoo on your heart that washes off with invisible ink. Wipe your mouth on your sleeve. Remind everyone you wear your heart there. Cuss like a sailor and then apologize profusely. Buy a massage table and sleep on it. Practice the art of exorcism and declare your self a master.

Virgo: Learn to cackle like a witch while wearing a hyena tail. Pretend you are a guru with a massive following. Build an altar; they will come. Write a poem titled Magic is Afoot, then read it in a bad British accent and toss it into a large bonfire. Concoct healing tonics from tap water and label them Dragon Elixirs. Be sure to put a warning label on them: This beverage may be the death of you. Offer to scratch others like a dog. Remind them that dog is God spelled backwards.

Libra: Learn to swing dance in your mind- the feet will eventually follow. Spit like a llama in heat, then blame it on your pet snake. Write children’s books, but read them to the elderly at tea time. Study the clouds, then let your tears mimic a torrential rain storm. Become a mime and share your stormy rain stories with the world through your hands. Ask for handouts. Wear a blue velvet top hat.

Scorpio: Hide inside a Chinese Dragon. Add a fire feature to it. Paint with children. Paint children. Paint on children. Paint your childhood. Then dance and sing about it dressed as a clown. Pretend you just won the lottery and hand out pennies on a street corner. Declare your self healed and rip off bloody Band-aids strategically placed on your forehead. Sit in a dark room, light a sparkler and look into your crystal ball. The face you see in it is your soul mate.

Sagittarius: Redecorate your bathroom like the depths of the Black Sea. Swim with man-eating sharks. Wear earplugs and blue tinted goggles. Write limericks and speak in lilts. Look for pots of gold at the end of rainbows like it’s your job. Wrap your self in red cellophane and ask someone to unwrap you in public. Declare via haiku, that this is your good ol’ American heart.

Capricorn: Build a soapbox and paint it gold. Put it in a public restroom and find a captive audience. Fall in love with an old woman and write her a love letter in Swahili. Sign it, Your French lover. Speak in tongues at synagogue. Peddle around town on a tandem bicycle and deliver messages that heal the soul. Ring your bell and ask for tips from God.

Aquarius: Tell your office workers that you’re becoming an astronaut. Wear a helmet painted like a dragon. Ask people to press your third eye and repeat “Beam me up Scottie” when they do. Start an earthworm farm. Blog about your new, slimy friends and brag to the neighbors. Make compost art and become a trash rep. Record the sounds of decomposition and make remixes.

Pisces: Look for a guru who knows the art of holding a knife properly. Cut your heart out of paper and paint it gold. Add gold glitter. Then bury it in your backyard and create a treasure map so your soul can find it later. Collect parrot feathers at the zoo. Wear an eye patch and walk with a cane. Shout at strangers and rub your heart. Tell people you’ve been healed by a princess wearing a tutu who identifies her self as a witch. Kiss a wart shaped like a heart.

*Jyotish (Vedic astrology) predates Western astrology and many consider it to be more precise and accurate. My weekly updates are based on your Jyotish rising sign, but could be viewed from your Sun or Moon sign as well as your Navamsa. As always, individual birth chart and chart specific details will modify an individual’s experience. For more information about your Jyotish rising sign, contact me here.


Editor: Kate Bartolotta

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