Our True Life in 200 Words.

Via Benjamin Riggs
on Oct 9, 2012
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Mandalas are one of the best examples of the universal operation of the archetype.
~ Carl Jung

An archetype is a symbol or a motif that resonates with humanity on a physiological or instinctual level.

They are bridges of sorts, connecting our true Life with the conscious life we are living.

The mandala is but one of these motifs. It’s a symbol of the true Self, which upon further analysis is revealed to be a concept that reflects a natural, self-existing pattern embedded in the human condition that enables the full range of our capacity to come to fruition within the context of daily living.

In short, the true Self is a way of life, not a separate entity charged with the task of managing life. We cannot hope to be fulfilled while actively ignoring who we are, so that we may become what we think we should be. Coming back to our true Life is a matter of consent, while “becoming me” is an act of willfulness. That moment of consent is often called meditation, and every moment of every day is an opportunity to practice.

With every mindful breath we bow into Life.

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